Mgr. Antonín OPÍCHAL



Katedra experimentální fyziky

Přírodovědecká fakulta

17. listopadu 12

věd. prac. ob. fyzikálních

Kohoutová A., Rodin AM., Krupa L., Chernysheva EV., Gulyaev AV., Gulyaeva AV., Holik M., Kliman J., Kohout P., Komarov AB., Novoselov AS., Opíchal A., Pechoušek J., Podshibyakin AV., Salamatin VS., Stepantsov SV., Vedeneev VY., Yukhimchuk SA. Separaton Efficiency and Separation Time of Mass Separator MASHA Measured for Radon and Mercury Isotopes. PHYSICS OF PARTICLES AND NUCLEI. 2023.
Chernysheva EV., Rodin AM., Vedeneev VY., Kohout P., Kohoutová A., Opíchal A., Pechoušek J. Cross Sections of the Production of Mercury and Radon Isotopes in Complete Fusion Reactions with 36,40Ar and 40,48Ca Projectiles. Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics. 2022.
Kamas D., Opíchal A., Chernysheva EV. Evaporation-residue cross sections in complete fusion reactions leading to Hg and Rn isotopes. PHYSICAL REVIEW C. 2022.
Kohout P., Kouřil L., Opíchal A., Kohoutová A., Pechoušek J. Mössbauer Spectrometer With Advanced Modulation of Gamma Ray Energy Utilizing Real-Time Industrial Computer. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE. 2021.
Rodin AM., Vedeneev VY., Gulyaev AV., Opíchal A., Pechoušek J. Optimizing the Solid-State ISOL Technique for Separating Volatile Products of Complete Fusion Reactions. Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics. 2020.
Broulím J., Chernysheva EV., Gulyaev SN., Opíchal A., Pechoušek J. Study of neutron-rich isotopes near N=152 shell closure using Timepix type detectors integrated into the mass separator MASHA. Journal of Instrumentation. 2020.
Novoselov AS., Rodin AM., Chernysheva EV., Opíchal A., Pechoušek J. Control and Data Acquisition Systems of the MASHA Setup. In Penionzhkevich YE., Sobolev YG. (Eds.) Exotic Nuclei EXON-2018 Proceedings of the International Symposium on Exotic Nuclei. 2019.
Chernysheva EV., Rodin AM., Dmitriev SN., Opíchal A., Pechoušek J. Determination of Separation Efficiency of the Mass-Spectrometer MASHA by Means of Measurement of Absolute Cross-Sections of Evaporation Residues. In Penionzhkevich YE., Sobolev YG. (Eds.) Exotic Nuclei EXON-2018 Proceedings of the International Symposium on Exotic Nuclei. 2019.

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