Current projects

Clarification of actin, NADPH oxidase and structural sterol roles in root hair tip growth using advanced microscopy and proteomics

GACR; PI J. Šamaj

Studies on developmental roles of iron superoxide dismutase 1 using interdisciplinary approach

GACR; PI T. Takáč

Plants as a tool for sustainable global development

Operational Programme Research, Development and Education;PI I. Frébort (CATRIN)scientific coordinator J. Šamaj

Role of MAPK signalling and metabolomic reprograming during Arabidopsis-Xanthomonas interaction

Research Group Linkage Programme, Humboldt Foundation; PI J. Šamaj

Plant proteomics: cytoskeleton, membranes and signalling

Former Projects

Genetic and cell biology approaches to study regulation of YODA (MAP3K4) signaling by HSP90 proteins in Arabidopsis

GACR; PI J. Šamaj; project with excelent evaluations

Revisiting microtubule organization during plant cell division, growth and morphogenesis by superresolution microscopy

GACR; PI G. Komis

Regulation of phospholipase D alpha 1 function by MPK3-dependent phosphorylation

GACR; PI J. Šamaj

Study of KATANIN1 phosphorylation and microtubules fission in Arabidopsis

GACR; PI J. Šamaj

The role of mitogen-activated protein kinases (MPKs) in barley responses to Puccinia hordei attack

GACR; PI P. Křenek

Mitogen-activated protein kinase-dependent phosphorylation and functional regulation of cytoskeletal End binding 1c protein

GACR; PI A. Kuchařová

Mitogen-activated protein kinase stress signalling in plants: from basic research in Arabidopsis towards biotechnological applications in crops

GACR; PI J. Šamaj; project with excelllent evaluation

Polarity control and cross-talk between signalling, endomembranes and the cytoskeleton in Arabidopsis root hairs

DFG Project, SA 1564/2-1; PI J. Šamaj; project with excelllent evaluation

The role and the integration of the cytoskeleton and MAPK signalling during osmotic and heat stress responses of higher plant cells

AvH Project; PI G. Komis

Cold and Salt Stress in plants regulated by endocytosis: from biochemistry and molecular cell biology to biotechnology

DAAD Project “Modern Applications of Biotechnology”; PI T. Takáč

The role of the cytoskeleton and vesicular trafficking in polarity establishement during in vitro embryogenesis and pollen development in Arabidopsis and maize

AvH Project; PI J. Šamaj

Key References

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