Project Goals

For achieving the overall project objective of strengthening the tools and methods of quantum technology (QT) in UP through close collaboration, four main goals of NONGAUSS have been identified.

Knowledge transfer

To directly transfer knowledge of modern optical, atomic, solid-state, and optomechanical quantum technology to the coordinator theory group at UP, with a primary emphasis on ESRs (PhD students) and postdocs (maximally 8 years after PhD degree).

Throughout 20 short-term and 6 mid-term visits, both DTU and SU will provide intensive training for at least 5 ESRs students, 5 postdocs and 2 members of academic staff from UP. Short talks will report the results of the training to the project team at the UP and two publicly available surveys about non-Gaussian quantum physics will summarise the obtained knowledge. As a part of the

training, at least 6 joint experimental proposals for future collaboration between UP, DTU, and SU will be prepared. The proposals will serve as a background for at least 2 joint EU grant proposals and 2 individual fellowship proposals for ESRs. The experimental proposals and grant proposals will be mutually beneficial for the coordinating entity (UP), its staff and the project partners.

Non-Gaussian quantum physics

To overcome the underestimated potential of non-Gaussian quantum physics in quantum technology, increase the research capacity of the UP team in quantum technology and build a dense European network of laboratories around the UP team, the training process will be combined with extensive networking in quantum technology, and support the formation of a consortium for EU project proposals in quantum non-Gaussian physics.

This goal will be reached by organisation of 4 international Workshops on Quantum Non-Gaussian Physics and Technology (twice organised by UP and once each by DTU and SU) together with 3 international Summer Schools on Quantum Technology (organised by UP, DTU and SU, separately). Workshops will be attended at least by 15 ESRs students and Summer Schools by 27 ESRs students. Both UP and the project partners, DTU and SU, will benefit jointly from the NONGAUSS Workshops and the Summer Schools.

Broader impact of UP research

To increase profoundly the impact of the UP research team on the field of quantum technology as well as their impact inside the FET Flagship on Quantum Technologies.

To reach it, NONGAUSS will support 20 presentations (including 10 presentations from ESRs, students and postdocs) from the UP team at international workshops and conferences in quantum physics and quantum technology and 10 colloquia of postdocs and UP staff members at foreign universities and institutes to disseminate the results stimulated by the training/networking in non-Gaussian quantum physics. For consultations about new ideas and applications with experts in quantum technology, NONGAUSS plans 10 expert visits from DTU and SU partners at UP. Besides, the project will receive feedback from internationally recognised leaders in quantum technology by inviting them as experts from outside the project consortium with 10 visits planned.

Management and dissemination

To support knowledge transfer from management & administration of research teams and projects at DTU and SU to similar units of UP, intensive dissemination of project activities, and effective communication with the public.

This goal will be reached by organising 3 training sessions focused on preparation & management of the EU projects and fellowships at UP, 6 short-term stays of UP project management & administration staff at DTU and SU, and intensive consultation of preparation and management of EU grant proposals and fellowship proposals by UP researchers during their 20 short-term stays at DTU and SU.

The outcomes of the knowledge transfer will be also applied to advance communication activities towards general public. As to effective communication, the focus will be on the young generation and prospective university students from, in the order of importance, the Olomouc region, the whole Czech Republic, other neighbouring countries, and low performing countries outside the EU. In addition to ongoing activities at UP, in which the NONGAUSS team will participate (e.g., Open Door Days), NONGAUSS will organise 3 Quantum Meetups where undergraduate and ESRs students from UP, DTU, and SU will present talks and posters about their education and research to 40 selected prospective students supported by the project. Secondly, communication will be targeted at key groups of policymakers (Ministry of Education, National Research Council, funding agencies, etc.), R&D entities, and high-tech companies. NONGAUSS will organise 3 Quantum Panels inviting major national representatives to promote discussions closing the gap between researchers & policymakers.

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