Project Team

International Management Board

The International Management Board consists of the leaders of the NONGAUSS teams from UP (Prof. Radim Filip), DTU (Prof. Ulrik L. Andersen), and SU (Prof. Julien Laurat). They are distinguished full professors with permanent university positions and long-term experience in the management of scientific work and related activities included in NONGAUSS and many successfully implemented international grants. Moreover, they intensively collaborate, including previous joint participation in EU projects. The Board, chaired by the Coordinator, meets in quarterly organized Skype meetings and at the 4 face-to-face meetings at the time of the NONGAUSS Workshops. The Board manages the UP project team.

Prof. Ulrik L. Andersen ( is a Full professor in experimental quantum optics at DTU Lyngby, heading the section for Quantum Physics and Information Technology (QPIT), leading the Center of Excellence on the Macroscopic Quantum States (2017-2027), and being one of three scientific directors of a National Center on Quantum Technology. He is also heading a cross-disciplinary center on quantum technology at DTU80. He is leading master courses at DTU and supervises PhD students.

Prof. Radim Filip ( is a Full Professor in Optics and Optoelectronics, heading the quantum theory team at the Department of Optics, Palacký University, leading EXPRO project QNC of Czech Science Foundation (2021-2025) and is co-investigator of Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Metrology with Cold Quantum Objects and Fibre Networks (2018-2022) and many other international projects. He leads master courses at Palacký University and supervises PhD students.

Prof. Julien Laurat ( is a group leader at Laboratoire Kastler Brossel and Full Professor at Sorbonne Université. He is leading experimental and theoretical researchers in quantum networks and light-matter interfaces. He leads master courses at Sorbonne and at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and supervises PhD students. He is also director of a training program in Optronics. He coordinated 3 European research projects.

The UP project team

To make the project and its organization efficient and reach every goal successfully, all activities will be mainly organized by the UP project team. This team will have a contract for the full duration of NONGAUSS. All the project teamwork at UP will be supervised by the Project Coordinator (a permanent academic staff member at UP) to be fully coherent with the actions of foreign partners and with suggestions of the IAB. The WP1, WP2 and WP3 will be managed by their WP Leaders under supervision of the Coordinator, with direct contacts to both partner´s teams.

The coordinator

Prof. Radim Filip is highly experienced in the management of scientific and networking activities. He was the activity manager of International Centre for Information and Uncertainty, the international research network project of Czech Ministry of the Education number OP VaVpI CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0060 (2011-2014) and co-investigator of Centre of Excellence for Classical and Quantum Interaction in NanoWorld (2015-2019). He was an investigator or many national and bilateral projects and also co-investigator of H2020 FP7-ICT project BRISQ2. Among current EU projects, he is a co-investigator of two running projects of QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies (TheBlinQC and ShoQC).

Work package leaders

Dr. Vladyslav Usenko will be the contact for SU and DTU in WP1 for the organization of training and research & project management stays. Dr. Usenko has practical experience with scientific training and exchanges developed during the ICIU project and following networking activities such as the COST project.

Assoc. Prof. Petr Marek will be responsible for the organization of NONGAUSS Workshops and Summer Schools in collaboration with SU and DTU, as well as for fulfilling the WP2 deliverables. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marek has obtained practical experience with the organization of workshops and summer schools during the ICIU project and their continuation during the project sustainability period.

Dr. Ondřej Černotík (WP3) will be responsible for the organization of effective presentations of UP at conferences and colloquia and talks of expert visits at UP. He will be in tight contact with SU and DTU. Dr. Černotík has key experience in modern fields of quantum technology and new contacts in diverse fields relevant to NONGAUSS.

WP4, focused on management, dissemination, and communication, will be led by the Project Coordinator (Prof. Radim Filip). He will coordinate and supervise the WP1-WP3 leaders to achieve each task efficiently and effectively. He has long term experience with all activities included in NONGAUSS obtained during his career. He is a key organizer of workshops and seminars at the Department of Optics, student and young scientists exchanges, and has long term experience with dissemination & communication to both scientific audiences and the general public. Moreover, he was the key activity manager of the ICIU project and the investigator of many national and international projects.

Task leaders

The Task Leaders of specific WPs carry out the activities of the tasks managed by the relevant WP Leaders. They cooperate particularly with the Project Organization Assistant, eventually Project Administration Assistant.

Olena Kovalenko assists Dr. Usenko in organizing short- and mid-term training for members of the NONGAUSS team at DTU and SU.

Petra Cabišová is responsible, together with Dr. Usenko, organizing training sessions for management and administration staff from UP at DTU and SU. Supervised by Prof. Filip, she is also responsible for dissemination of relevant information within the NONGAUSS team as well as to external partners.

Dr. Alisa Manukhova, supervised by Assoc. Prof. Marek, helps with organizing Workshops and Summer Schools.

Dr. Michal Kolář assists Dr. Černotík in organizing presentations by members of the UP team at conferences and colloquia and expert visits at UP.

Prof. Radim Filip is, apart from his role as project coordinator and WP4 leader, responsible for project management tasks in WP4.

Dr. Ondřej Černotík helps Prof. Filip (WP4 leader) with communicating the project and its results to the scientific community, general public, and media.

Finally, Petra Cabišová (organization assistant), Lenka Jarnotová (administration assistant) and Jarmila Kolašínová (financial manager) assist the Project Coordinator and WP Leaders with administration of the project.

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