Dean's Office

Dean's Secretariat

Dean's Secretariat ensures the operation of the offices of the Dean and the Secretary of the faculty. It carries out organizational and administrative work related to the performance of the Dean's Office, e.g. mediates the Dean's meetings with employees and organizations, keeps records of internal regulations and internal standards of the Dean, records tasks, monitors their fulfillment and informs the Dean or Secretary and designated employees about them. It also handles tasks associated with receiving, circulating, processing, signing, sending, archiving and discarding documents. It provides records from the Dean's Collegium and reservations of meeting rooms at the Dean's Office.

Mgr. Iveta Turovská
Secretary of the Dean
+420 585 634 009

Vladimíra Gužiaková
Assistant to the Secretary of the Faculty
+420 585 634 021

Ing. Veronika Sokolová
+420 585 634 020

Data collection and analysis, creation of time series in cooperation with all sections of the faculty management, administration and heads of organizational units (e.g. collection of study-related data, materials for evaluation, materials for Methodology 17+, project monitoring, contract research records etc.), creation of documents for determining the faculty budget, documents for statistical surveys

Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office provides all administrative agenda for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral studies, rigorous proceedings, and lifelong learning, including keeping the registry and statistical data about studies. It issues confirmation of studies to both current and former students. It prepares information materials on entrance examinations, applications for study, notification of the results of admission tests, and enrollments for study. The office also handles requests for scholarships, participates in accreditation of study programmes, creation of the list of lectures and the schedule of the faculty as well as organization of graduation ceremonies.

Office hours

Please, respect the office hours or make a previous appointment by email.

Monday 9:00—11:00 13:30—14:30
Tuesday 9:00—11:00 13:30—14:30
Wednesday 13:30—14:30
Thursday 9:00—11:00 13:30—14:30

Mailing address

Student Affairs Office
Přírodovědecká fakulta
Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci
tř. 17. listopadu 12
779 00 Olomouc

Student Affairs Office Staff

Mgr. Jiří Mazal
Head of the Student Affairs Office
+420 585 634 010

Admission procedure, scholarships

International students

Dana Gronychová
Student Affairs for International Students
+420 585 634 058

Erasmus+ KA103, KA107, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, Bachelor & Master Degree Programmes in English

Mgr. Waleria Słowiková
Foreign Relations Officer
+420 585 634 061

Doctoral Degree Programmes in English, Internationalization, English websites

Czech students

Mgr. Martina Karásková
Student Affairs Officer
+420 585 634 012

Czech Doctoral study programmes except Geological sciences, Geoinformatics and Cartography, International Development Studies, Regional Geography
Lifelong education

Marcela Vykydalová
Student Affairs Officer
+420 585 634 015

Czech Study programmes: Environmental Geology, Geography, Geography and Regional Development, Regional Geography, Geoinformatics and Geograhpy, Geoinformatics, Geoinformatics and Cartography, International Development Studies, International Development and Environmental Studies, Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development;
Czech Doctoral study programmes: Geological sciences, Geoinformatics and Cartography, International Development Studies, Regional Geography

Mgr. Hana Štefanová
Student Affairs Officer
+420 585 634 006

Czech Study programmes: Ecology and Environmental Protection, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science (daily study), Discrete Mathematics, Mathematics and Applications, Applied Computer Science, Information Technologies (daily study), Computer Science for Education major, Teaching Training in Computer Science for Secondary Schools major

Jitka Hanzlíková
Student Affairs Officer
+420 585 634 013

Czech Study programmes: Biology, Biochemistry, Specialization in Health Care, Biology and Ecology, Plant Pathology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Gene Engineering
Rigorous proceedings in study programmes Biochemistry, Biology

Mgr. Marcela Chytilová
Student Affairs Officer
+420 585 634 014

Czech Study programmes of teacher combinations, double-major study (daily and distant form), except for Computer Science for Education major, Teching Training in Computer Science for Secondary Schools major, Applied Computer Science (distant form), Information Technologies (distant form)

Mgr. Agnes Hausknotzová
Student Affairs Officer
+420 585 634 050

Czech Study programmes: Physics, Chemistry
Rigorous proceedings in study programmes Applied Mathematics, Ecology and Environmental Protection, Physics, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science

Jitka Mayerová
Accreditation Procedure Coordinator
+420 585 634 149

IS/STAG database administrator, Accreditation proceedings, Classrooms reservation for teaching, "Small STAG"

Bc. Radek Scholler
Accreditation Procedure Coordinator
+420 585 634 026

Human Resources and Payroll Department

The Human Resources and Payroll Department of the faculty is responsible for the agenda of 1 100 employees and other employees working on the basis of non-employment agreements, both domestic and foreign. It manages the personnel agenda related to commencement, changes and terminating of employment. It provides relevant communication and reporting about labor-law relations to social security, health insurance, and tax authorities. The department cooperates in the hiring process of new employees, organizes and administers selection processes. It also coordinates health and safety regulations at the faculty, records medical examinations. It monitors taking holiday and holiday entitlements. Wage accountants provide wage calculations, check the records of attendance, benefits and drawing of wages from specified sources. They process tax returns and employee pension records. For employees' business trips abroad, the department handles their mandatory travel equipment via form A1 (confirmation of affiliation to social security legislation).

Mgr. Dagmar Petrželová
Head of the Department
+420 585 634 003
+420 774 047 588

Office hours of payroll accountants

Monday 7:30—11:00 13:00—15:00
Tuesday 7:30—11:00  
Wednesday 7:30—11:00 13:00—15:00
Thursday 7:30—11:00  

At the time of the payroll deadline (first three working days of the month and last working day of the month) only in exceptional and urgent cases by prior agreement.

Ivona Kristková
Payroll Accountant
+420 585 634 039

Libuše Pěčková
Payroll Accountant
+420 585 634 031

Office hours of HR Officers

Monday 7:30—11:00 13:00—15:00

Meetings outside office hours need to be negotiated through the reservation system (login is the same as into the Portal):


Mgr. Veronika Vašková
HR Officer
+420 585 634 032

Personal agenda of Contracts of employment, Agreement to complete a job,
Agreement to perform work for the following departments:
Mathematical Analysis and Applications of Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry, Computer Science, Experimental Physics, Optics, Joint Laboratory of Optics, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry

Veronika Caletková
HR Officer
+420 585 634 033

Personal agenda of Contracts of employment, Agreement to complete a job,
Agreement to perform work for the following departments:
Biophysics, Biotechnology, Botany, Laboratory of Growth Regulators, Zoology, Ecology and Environment, Cell Biology and Genetics, Experimental Biology, Chemical Biology, Geography, Geology, Geoinformatics, Development and Environmental Studies, Foreign Languages, Botanical Garden, Maintenance Services, Popularization Centre (Fort Science)

Department of External and Internal Relations

The department is in charge of the internal and external PR, cooperates with the media, and publishes press releases at the faculty level. It ensures communication with current and prospective students, graduates, employees, seniors of the faculty, primary and secondary schools, cooperating organizations related by fields to the faculty, addresses the general public. It organizes or participates in the organization of events for these target groups, including excursions at the faculty, as well as a number of popularization and promotional events such as the Researchers Night, Science Fair (also known as Science and Research Fair), Window into Practice, Faculty Ball, important annual graduations and more. It supports connection with prospective students during Open Day and a number of study fairs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It provides cooperation with faculty partner schools. It prepares and produces promotional materials of the faculty, partially manages the faculty website, Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, is in charge of the graduates database. It regularly publishes the faculty's Newsletter and a newsletter for faculty schools. The department also manages the administration of accomodation in the recreational facility of the Faculty of Science in Karlov pod Pradědem.

Mgr. Dagmar Petrželová
Head of the Department
+420 585 634 003
+420 774 047 588

Šárka Chovancová
Editor, External Relations Specialist
+420 585 634 004
+420 776 095 547

Mgr. Magdaléna Ondrušáková
Event Manager, External Relations Specialist
+420 585 634 397
+420 732 600 897

Economic Department

The Economic Department ensures control, registration and issuing of orders and invoices, checks and records payments of supplier invoices and payments to the account. It is in charge of the operation of cash register, secures foreign currencies for business trips and billing of travel orders. In the economic field it cooperates with project solvers. It processes the documentation on tangible and intangible assets, prepares monthly and annual closing of accounts.

Ing. Dagmar Kopecká
Head of the Department
+420 585 634 054

Project evidence

Kateřina Drozdová
+420 585 634 064

Payments within CR, internal invoices, reimbursement of travel orders on account, reimbursement of the advance on account

Petra Hoffmanová
+420 585 634 056

Foreign and domestic travel orders, liquidator

Hana Pořízková
+420 585 634 057

Orders and supplier invoices

Věra Šebelová
+420 585 634 052

Property evidence

Petra Štecová
+420 585 634 053

Foreign and Czech supplier invoices, VISA card payments, issuing internal invoices

Hana Vrzalová
+420 585 634 078

Supplier invoices, purchaser invoices, orders, publication of orders in the Central Register of Contracts (CES) and in the Contract Register (RS)

Irena Sičová
Cashier, accountant
+420 585 634 034

Payments within the Czech Republic (travel orders, receipts), currency advances, cash register

Office hours of the Cash register

Monday 9:00—11:00 13:00—14:30
Tuesday account payments
Wednesday account payments
Thursday 9:00—11:00 13:00—14:30
Friday account payments

Department of Science and Research

The department is in charge of organizing Scholarly Board meetings, proceedings to grant associate or full professorship, agenda of RIV points, editorial committee, Rector's Honorary Mention or Dean's Award.

Bc. Barbora Krudencová
Science and Research Officer
+420 585 634 155

Scholarly Board, proceedings to grant associate of full professorship, Dean's award, Rector's Honorary Mention, editorial activity

Department of Project Support

The Department of Project Support (DPS) provides administration in the submission and implementation of scientific and non-scientific projects at the Faculty of Science UP (funds, EU, ministries of the Czech Republic, GA ČR, TA ČR), passes documents for projects between rectorate/project service and project managers. DPS leads the agenda of FS UP for university projects. It is also in charge of the complete agenda of IGA projects at the faculty and cooperates in the organization of opposition proceedings of other scientific projects, especially the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The department is a key user for entering contracts into the Central Register of Contracts.

Ing. Bc. Tea Pokorná
Project Manager
+420 585 634 051

Horizon Europe, MEYS projects, OP Jan Amos Komenský (OP JAK), OP Environment, IROP - ITI Olomouc Agglomeration, The International Visegrad Fund, Interreg

Mgr. Silvie Šavrňáková, MBA
Project Officer
+420 585 634 011, 737 109 826

CES, TA ČR projects, projects of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (OPEIC, OP TAC, National Recovery Plan), Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Finance (EEA and Norway grants), Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Czech Development Agency)

Mgr. Ľubica Korcanová
Project Officer
+420 585 634 051

The Czech Science Foundation (GA CR) projects, projects of the Ministry of Health, Palacký University junior projects, IGA

Ing. Libor Hájek
Communication and Marketing Officer
+420 585 634 076
+420 602 755 560

Administrative and contractual support of contract research orders (including licensing) and in obtaining grant support for cooperation with companies or in the processing commercially promising science and research results, administration of intellectual or industrial property of new scientific and research results in accordance with the UP directive

Mgr. Miriam Delongová
Project Officer
on maternity leave

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services are responsible for the operation of individual buildings and their technological equipment. The technical department carries out inspections and services according to the valid legislation, independently carries out small repairs and provides materials for the selection of the contractor for major repairs and reconstructions. It also provides supplies of alcohol, nitrogen for the needs of the faculty and disinfection, ensures the disposal of hazardous waste, large-volume waste and electrical waste, moving, painting the premises. It prepares operating instructions, files project and operational documentation, provides a non-stop emergency service.

The operating section provides cleaning and security of all faculty buildings, waste management and the operation of faculty vehicles. It includes maintenance of the greenery on both campuses – in Envelopa and in Holice. The operating section includes a file service, which consists of the registry and archive. The main function of the registry is to ensure professional administration of documents, which lies in registration of incoming and outgoing mail, as well as its distribution, circulation, handling, storage and decommissioning of all documents in digital and paper form. The office of the registry is located in the main building on 17. listopadu 12 and in the premises of Holice on Šlechtitelů 27. The archive ensures that all files and other documents are stored after they have been processed. Documents are usually transferred to the archive once a year on the basis of the delivery protocol. After the expiration of the so-called retention period, they are destroyed in the so called shredding proceedings (unless they have permanent historical significance) or are handed over to the UP Archive.

Technical Department – Envelopa

Filip Zlámal
Leading Technician – Envelopa
+420 585 634 035
+420 775 902 489

Maintenance management, responsible for problem-free operation, repairs and maintenance of buildings and technological equipment, claims, damage events within the building operation, energies, realization of contruction and investment projects, occupational safety and health and fire protection control activities, fire prevention officer of buildings, agenda of master key systems and access systems

Jaromír Keprt
AV specialist, Biolding maintenance Officer
+420 585 634 036
+420 723 956 348

Purchases, counseling, repairing and servicing of AV equipment (Envelopla), purchase of material for repairs and maintenance, access systems, phone lines redirection, parking cards

Lenka Bodinková
Administrative Officer
+420 585 634 074

Invoicing and administration of construction investments (Envelopa), document preparation for public procurement, completing and archiving of Maintenance Services documents, registration and distribution of alcohol and disinfection, disposal of hazardous waste, provision of orders and disposal of Maintenance Services invoices

Jana Frantíková
Administrative Officer
on maternity leave

Technical Department – Holice

Ladislav Huslar
Leading Technician – Holice
+420 585 634 964
+420 734 188 945

Management of the maintenance, responsible for problem-free operation, repairs and maintenance of buildings and technological equipment, claims, energies

Bc. Milan Labounek
Building maintenance Officer – Holice
+420 585 634 911
+420 734 864 866

Purchase of material for repairs and maintenance, managing keys and access systems, phone lines redirection, maintenance and small repairs

Operational Department Envelopa and Holice

Věra Holišová
Head of Operations – Envelopa and Holice
+420 585 634 038 (Envelopa)
+420 585 634 932 (Holice)
+420 733 690 766

Cleaning and security management, service management, waste management, faculty car fleet, maintenance of green areas, material provision for operating and cleaning buildings

File service


+420 585 634 019 (17. listopadu 12)
+420 585 634 993 (Šlechtitelů, Holice)

Office hours of the File service

17. listopadu 12: Monday – Friday 9:00—11:00 13:00—14:30
Šlechtitelů, Holice: Monday – Friday 11:45—13:30     

Renáta Hanáková
Administrative Officer
+420 585 634 019
+420 585 634 993

Administration of incoming and outgoing consignments in digital and paper form in electronic file service

Simona Rotterová
Administrative Officer
+420 585 634 018
+420 585 634 993

Administration of incoming and outgoing consignments in digital and paper form in electronic file service


Mgr. Marek Otava
+420 585 634 023

Receiving, processing and making available all files and documents intended to be stored in the filing room, shredding proceedings, CES, rental of premises for external customers, reservation of rooms for internal purposes (except for classes), organising the course of leases and their invoicing

Emergency and Gatehouses

Emergency maintenance contact – Holice campus
+420 739 544 869


17. listopadu 12 (main building)
+420 585 634 060
+420 733 690 765

17. listopadu 50a (blue building “JLO”)
+420 585 631 545

17. listopadu 50 (red building “VLD”)
+420 585 634 303

Šlechtitelů 27
+420 585 634 960
+420 734 391 909

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