Popularization Centre

Stronghold of Knowledge

Stronghold of knowledge is a unique center for popularization of science and research in Central Moravia. Interactive science museum has operated in a historical building of the former Crown fortress complex since 2015. Permanent exhibitions, created in collaboration with University staff, make visitors acquainted with the adventures of scientific disciplines and directions of research and studies at the Faculty of Science UP.

Visitors of the Stronghold of knowledge will among other things find five unique exhibitions: Science in the Stronghold dedicated to military fortress and life of soldiers in it, Water in the landscape introduces river flow from the spring to the estuary, Common sense is an exhibition which deals with basic principle of human knowledge. Visitors will surely be impressed by a six-meter wide dome of a digital planetarium, which is a part of Light and darkness exhibition which makes visitors familiar with astronomical phenomena. All of the above-mentioned exhibits are complemented by scientific workshops.

The museum arose from an old four-storey artillery warehouse from the 19th century, which is a part of the Crown fortress, a unique military area from the time of Maria Theresa.