Czech Science Foundation

  • 24-11114S (2024-2026)
    Molecular glues as a tool for targeted degradation of cyclin K
    V. Kryštof (co-investigator)
  • 23-06931S (2023-2025)
    Phenylsufates in plants and foods: Occurrence, environmental factors and health risk
    J. Grúz (principal investigator)
  • 23-05389S (2023-2025)
    Novel CB2 and BChE modulators against Parkinson's disease and related pathologies
    M. Kvasnica (principal investigator), G. Gonzalez (team member)
  • 23-05462S (2023-2025)
    Targeting of FLT3 using new dual inhibitors as a therapeutic approach in MLL-rearranged acute myeloid leukemia
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)
  • 21-39625L (2021-2023)
    NECESSITY – New chemical entities for modulating SARS-CoV2 activity
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)
  • 21-06553S (2021-2024)
    Targeting oncogenic kinases with small molecules
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)
  • 21-07661S (2021-2023)
    Modulation of plant abiotic stress responses by regulation of cytokinin and purineinterconversion enzymes
    D. Kopečný (principal investigator)

Palacký University

  • IGA_PrF_2023_012 (2023)
    Small molecule inhibitors of oncogenic kinase FLT3
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)
  • IGA_PrF_2022_007 (2022)
    Molecular effects of enzyme inhibitors
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)
  • UPOL DSGC-2021-0158 (2022)
    Protein production for experimental and structural biology
    M. Peřina (principal investigator)
  • UPOL JG_2020_001 (2020-2022)
    Functional characterization of aldehyde dehydrogenases putatively associated with the evolutionary transition from water to land
    M. Kopečná (principal investigator)
  • IGA_PrF_2021_007 (2021-2022)
    Molecular effects of enzyme inhibitors
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

  • OP VVV ENOCH CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000868 (9/2018 – 6/2023), financed from OPRDE
    Molecular, cellular and clinical approach to healthy ageing
    V. Kryštof (investigator)

Past Projects

  • 20-26232S (2020-2022)
    Cold-light interaction in Arabidopsis cold acclimation – ontogenic and phyllotactic perspective
    J. Grúz (co-investigator)
  • 19-09086S (2019-2021)
    Dual FLT3/CDK9 inhibition as a possible therapeutical approach for mixed lineage leukemia
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)
  • 19-08410S (2019-2021)
    Substituted imidazopyrimidines: Structure-based design and development of specific inhibitors
    V. Kryštof (co-investigator)
  • GAČR 18-03847S (2018-2020)
    Pseudopeptide proteasome inhibitors
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)
  • GAČR 18-07563S (2018-2020)
    Functional and stuctural study on plant enzymes involved in cytokinin degradation and aldehyde detoxification
    D. Kopečný (co-investigator)
  • AZV 17-31834A (2017-2020)
    Targeting BCR signalosome in B-cell malignancies
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)
  • PRF UP, IGA_PrF_2017_014 (2017-2018)
    Molecular mechanisms of effects of protein kinase inhibitors
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)
  • PRF UP, IGA_PrF_2017_016 (2017-2018)
    Studium enzymů aldehyddehydrogenasy a S-nitrosoglutathionreduktasy, cytokininových receptorů, strigolaktonů, ergoidních alkaloidů a reaktivních forem kyslíku a dusíku a jejich vliv na stresové odpovědi rostlin
    M. Kopečná (principal investigator)
  • MŠMT 7AMB17DE009 (2017-2018)
    Study on enzymes involved in the metabolism of purines, pyrimidines and cytokinins in plants
    D. Kopečný (principal investigator)
  • AZV 15-28951A (2015-2018)
    New kinase inhibitors to treat acute myeloid leukemia
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)
  • GAČR 15-15264S (2015-2017)
    Targeted Transport of Purine Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitors into Cancer Cells
    V. Kryštof (principal investigator)
  • GAČR 15-17282Y (2015-2017)
    Chemical genetic analysis of role of cyclin-dependent kinases in cancer cell lines
    R. Jorda (principal investigatorl)
  • GAČR 15-22322S (2015-2017)
    Molecular modulation of cytokinin metabolism in model plants Physcomitrella and maize focused on function of nucleosidases
    D. Kopečný (co-investigator)
  • GAČR 14-27669P (2014-2018)
    The study of molecular mechanisms of anticancer and antiangiogenic activities of brassinosteroids
    L. Rárová (principal investigator)

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