Gold prize for Faculty of Science student Zbyněk Kurač

Zbyněk Kurač.
Photo: Šárka Chovancová
friday 7. february 2020, 12:00 – Text: Šárka Chovancová

Zbyněk Kurač from the Department of Algebra and Geometry at the UP Faculty of Science earned the Best Conference Student Contribution Award at this year’s Fifteenth International Conference on Fuzzy Sets Theory and Applications (FSTA) held at Liptovký Ján, Slovakia.

The work, entitled “Transfer-stable aggregation functions on bounded lattices”, gave rise to an interesting application that monitors the relationship between product quality and price. “I didn’t even think that I could place so high. The very fact that I won was a shock to me, I was speechless and I really appreciate it,” said Kurač. The award is accompanied by a financial reward and an invitation to publish further results in Axioms journal.

The work deals with special types of aggregation functions which are using one of the characteristic properties of arithmetic means, namely stability with respect to the uniform change of input values.

“I wrote my work together with PhD students Tomáš Riemel and Lenka Rýparová from the same department. The aim was to find the most suitable types of lattices, the transfer-stable lattices, on which new special aggregation functions can be defined most effectively. Based on the obtained results, we came up with an application suitable not only for business but also for other fields of where applicable,” described Kurač.

The application focuses on the relationship between product quality and price, and based on an appropriately selected quality class, it is possible to list all potential purchases of several products.

Experts at the FSTA conference discussed in particular the analysis of aggregation of data of various types and the prediction of system development based on various mathematical models. Approaches based on the theory of aggregate functions suitably complement classical statistical procedures.