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The Faculty of Science has raised the merit scholarship

Students of the Faculty with excellent study results who are entitled to the merit scholarship will be better of this year. Since September 1, this scholarship has been doubled by the decision of the Faculty´s Management. The students may now count with CZK 10,000 for an academic year, which is CZK 1,000 per month, compared to last year´s CZK 5,000 total.

„We have decided to raise the scholarship because we want to reward students who study properly and have excellent results. It may be a good motivation for others as well. The raise was made possible due to enough financial resources in the Scholarship fund,“ said Ivo Frébort, the Dean. If the Scholarship fund continues to be filled as in the past three years, there will be an opportunity for further increasing of this scholarship.

Merit scholarship may be granted to a student with maximum GPA of 1.5 for the past academic year. Granting the scholarship is decided without an application and is paid out in regular contributions. Also students of daily study who graduate with honors after their Final state exam are entitled to the merit scholarship. In such cases the scholarship amounts to CZK 6,000 and is paid out as one-off.

Last year the merit scholarship was granted to 150 students, the Faculty has paid out CZK 750,000 in total. As of January 1, 2017 the balance of the Scholarship fund equaled to CZK 12.6 million, and the Faculty has drawn approximately CZK 2.3 million. The fund is now also used for Fischer´s scholarship for foreign students. The fund´s income side comes from tuition fees of students who exceed the ordinary time of study.

The merit scholarship is within the University awarded also at the Faculty of Law, where students with GPA 1.2 receive CZK 12,000, students with GPA 1.4 then CZK 6,000. For example the Medical Faculty of Faculty of Arts do not grant such scholarship at all.

Science and Research

  • Entering publications to the Web of Science
    We kindly request our employees to deliver their publications issued by UP to Michaela Kratochvílová at Department of Science and Research by October 11 in order to register them in the Web of Science database.

For Students

  • Curriculum for academic year 2017/2018 is available on the website of the faculty.
  • Course registration for winter semester
    We would like to inform our students that modifying timetables is possible at Department of Study until October 27.

  • Recognition of credits
    We kindly request students who want to apply for credit recognition for courses from previous studies to fill in the relevant application and submit the document including the list of accomplished courses, approval of the teacher and the guarantor of the course to the Department of Studies by October 27.

  • Matriculation Oath
    We kindly request first year students who didn´t participate in matriculations to sign the matriculation oath at Department of study by the end of month.

  • Graduation Ceremony
    We kindly ask students who completed their studies by taking a state final exam in August or September and wish to participate in graduation ceremony on November 10 and 11 to confirm their presence by sending an email to the relevant person at Department of Study. Payment instructions are available on the website of the Faculty where also graduation schedule will be posted at the end of October.

  • Students travelling abroad are obliged to report details of their journey to Mrs. Dana Gronychová, e-mail:, tel. 585634058 at Department of Study at least two weeks before the actual departure.

  • Doctoral study
    We kindly request students of Doctoral study programs who wish to make any major changes regarding their studies (discontinuing their studies, changing a supervisor or a form of study) to first register their application at the faculty registry and keep a copy of the document.

  • Students who wish to terminate their studies at their own request shall do so by 25th day of the month.

  • UPoint offers white lab coats with UP logo CZK for 490 each. You may check them out here.

  • Quarry Life Award 2017
    Students, graduates or young scientists are invited to participate in the international science and educational competition focused on supporting biodiversity of mining sites The Quarry Life Award. Quarries and sandpits are a part of a cultural landscape which may provide unique habitats for a variety of plant and animal species. Project proposals which are aimed at enhancing the natural value of such locations and linking them with the local community and the general public shall be submitted by November 20. Participants may visit quarries and sandpits in question during October. You need to register for the excursion. For futher information please contact Lubor Laichman,

International and outer University Information

  • Chemistry and Technology for Life Conference
    The Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of SUT in Bratislava cordially invites students of Bachelor and Master study programs to an international scientific conference which will take place on November 9 at the Faculty premises. Students may register their final papers to the competition by October 23. Abstracts of registered papers will be published in an electronic peer-reviewed journal. For further information please contact Mr. Hrňáček on

Academic Senate

  • The forthcoming meeting of the faculty Academic Senate will be held on October 11 at 3 p.m. at the board room on the second floor of the Stronghold of Knowledge.

Faculty Operation

  • New UP Beta Portal
    Beta version of UP Portal will be in operation by the beginning of November. It will provide well-arranged and intuitive environment, allow students and staff to customize the portal look as well as speed up the work thanks to a single sign-in for all applications. You may try the new system here. Developers will appreciate your suggestions and comments.

  • Language courses for employees and PhD students
    Department of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Science offers employees and PhD students of the Faculty of Science English language courses and Czech for Foreigners in the winter semester 2017/18. The complete list of courses is available here.


  • Badatel project
    High school students may again participate in our research activities this year. A few of them have already been discovering the possibility of internship at our faculty. We thank all our employees who work with gifted students and help them to make their first steps in science and research. We would also like to address our staff to update their projects in Badatel database or to prepare new projects and build on the past eleven successful years of tradition. In case you forgot the database password or need to generate a new one, please contact the project coordinator Martin Kubala on:

New Internal Rules

  • As of September 26, 2017 the following provision of UP came into effect:
    K-B-17/04 – Conducting asset, material and document inventory at UP in 2017

  • As of January 1, 2018 the following provision of UP will come into effect:
    K-B-17/03 – Determination definition of a list and content of resources within the SAP system Varias Education at UP

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