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Free Food
Did you know that one third of all the food produced in the world is thrown away or depreciated? If this food were saved, it could feed about three billion people. In Europe, there is 96 to 115 kg of discarded food per person a year. One way to reduce waste is sharing food among students.

Free Food UPOL is a Facebook page serving as a space for sharing food between students and University staff. It aims to reduce unnecessary wasting of food. Its members can offer any food that would otherwise be thrown out. Those interested in food will usually call in minutes. Food with a short durability or an extra portion of cooked dinner can easily find its new owner.

For students

Study program
According to the amendment to the Study and Examinations Code, it is possible to specify that a particular subject can only be registered in a given study program once. This can be useful, for example, in "staging" of the study. According to the Study and Examinations Code, however, it must be made in the form of an internal regulation of the faculty. In case you want to bring such a limitation into your curriculum, we ask the guarantors to send their proposals in the following form: Study Program - Type of study (Bc./NMgr/PGS) - Code and title of the subject, to Vice-Dean for Study Affairs Dr. Bartl by March 10, 2019, e-mail:

Registering subjects for Summer semester 2018/2019 - schedule changes
It is possible to make minor changes to schedule at the Study department by March 20, 2019.

Graduation ceremony
We ask graduates who successfully completed their studies by final state examination in January and February to apply for a graduation ceremony at their study referent. These will take place from June 24-28. The exact schedule will be posted on the faculty web site in the second half of June. You can pick up the confirmation of completing studies at the Study Department. Here you can also collect your diplomas at the end of March if you do not want to take part in the graduation ceremony.

Scholarship applications
You must submit applications for regular scholarships until the end of the academic year, i.e. August 2019, not until December 2019. This is due to the fact that STAG works with academic years, not calendar ones; some students finish their studies during the application process; the amounts of scholarships change etc. For September 2019, submit new requests.

Accreditation support at PrF website
A new website dedicated to accreditation procedure was created on the Faculty of Science website. The procedure for the approval of study programs, the dates of meetings of the relevant faculty and university authorities, regulations and, in particular, the accreditation forms together with the methodological guidelines are available here. This web site can be found at

Student Scientific Competition for the Dean's Award
All properly enrolled students of bachelor, master and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Science are eligible to enter the competition. There are six sections, each has three categories, plus it is possible to additionally apply for a poster section. Thus one student can compete in two sections, both in the study field and poster sections. The deadline for registration is April 25 on a Faculty website where you can find detailed information about the competition. Scientific papers must be submitted by April 29, the competition will take place on May 2.

International and outer University Information

Internships for Ph.D. students in Granada
Geney Centro Research Institute offers work placements in Granada for follow-up Master and Ph.D. studies. You can find details here.

Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva will allow the selected candidate to do an internship with a primary focus on human rights, resp. at the UN Human Rights Council and other human rights mechanisms, and further according to the current needs of the permanent mission, including humanitarian or health affairs. Requirements for applicants: excellent knowledge of English, excellent communication and analytical skills and a foreign policy overview. Internship is expected from April 23 to July 26, 2019.

Deadline for submitting applications is February 20, 2019. Applications are accepted by Mgr. Marie Raková, e-mail: with attached CV and motivation letter in EN. The selected student will receive a scholarship of CZK 24,750/month plus a one-off allowance of CZK 7,000 plus travel insurance.

Academic Senate

The upcoming meeting of the Faculty Academic Senate will take place on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, from 1:00 pm in the Large Meeting Room at the Dean´s Office (6.014).

Faculty Operation

Parking around the building of the Faculty of Science
We kindly ask the Faculty of Science to respect parking at the marked parking spaces for the holders of parking cards of PrF and UP. Here you can find a map of marked parking spaces for card holders.

We ask employees not to park on SKM (blue color on the map) in particular, these parking spaces are reserved for SKM employees (8 parking spaces). Places are not reserved for UP card holders, but only for staff and SKM visits. Should the aforementioned not be respected, the city police will be summoned to deal with improper parking by a block penalty. We also remind you that the parking card must be located visibly behind the windscreen.

Communication closure
We would like to inform all employees that from March 27-28, the communication between Faculty of Science and Faculty of Law will be closed. The reason is the moving optical tables to building of the Faculty of Science, within the OPVV project - Modernization of Physics Laboratories on the 4th floor of PrF UP building - Envelopa. Map of the location - here.

On the access road to the parking lot under the administration of the Faculty of Law and the entrance to the underground garages of the Faculty of Science, there will be a lifting technique and a truck with optical tables, etc. Moving cannot be completed during normal operation, therefore the access to the underground garages and the parking lot will not be allowed. If everything is accomplished during March 27, we expect the communication to begin immediately after the completion of the works. Otherwise, the communication will be closed on March 28 as well. We apologize for any complications


We are looking for new supervisors in Badatel project
Were you thinking about hiring someone to help out in your project, would you like to learn how to lead someone else, or do you simply enjoy popularization of research and would you like to show it to enthusiastic high school students?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we offer you the opportunity to list a topic for high-school students within Badatel project. How to list a project can be found on this page. Shortly after completing the form, your project offer will appear on the listed projects page, to which you can refer secondary school students or eventually your former secondary school teachers.

On May 16, the Conference of Young Scientists will take place, where students who have taken part in Badatel have the opportunity to present their results. The supervisors will be awarded CZK 3,000 - 10,000 for their students' participation (according to their success). FB:

Lecture on internships and student involvement at CERN

We invite all students and alumni for a lecture and discussion on the topic of the possibility of internships and involvement of students and graduates of all disciplines at CERN (European Nuclear Research Organization) laboratory. The lecture will be held in the Auditorium of Faculty of Science, on Tuesday, March 5, from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. David Bělohrad and Jarmila Litras have been invited as guests. More information available here.

Women in science
L'Oreal-UNESCO is looking for female scientists! Project is available for scientists who are under 40 (including) and devote themselves to the sciences of living and inanimate nature or chemical sciences. Each year, a jury consisting of members of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic will from twelve finalists who give an oral presentation select three laureates, who will divide CZK 600,000. You can find more information here. Submit an application by February 28 at

Lectures by Renata Bilewicz and Slawomir Sek
Please accept an invitation to lectures of Renata Bilewicz and Slawomira Sek from the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw, which will focus on the study of nanostructured carriers for (bio) electrochemical applications and on model biomimetic lipid membranes immobilized on the electrode surface. The lectures will take place on Tuesday, February 26, from 9:45 to 11:15 in lecture room 2.005 at the Faculty of Science. See for details.

New internal regulations

As of February 8 the following UP provision came into effect:

R-B-19/08 - Social scholarshis at UP for the period January-June 2019

As of February 15 the following UP provision came into effect:

R-B-19/07 - Schedule of academic year 2019/2020 and schedule of subject registration into the Information system STAG in academic year 2019/2020

As of February 21 the following UP provision came into effect:

R-B-18/10-N01 - Amendment no. 1 - Rules of the student grant competition at UP

As of February 23 the following UP provision came into effect:

R-B-19/10 - Standards annulment decision

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