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Dear colleagues, dear students,

scientists from the Faculty of Science will participate in prestigious international projects funded by Horizon 2020. Two research groups have succeeded n the Twinning call. Radim Filip from the Department of Optics with NONGAUSS project, which will focus on the almost unexplored area of nonlinear quantum technologies outside Gaussian quantum states and Václav Ranc from RCPTM with NANO4TARMED project, which is targeted at the treatment of osteosarcoma, a malignant bone disease. In the FET Open call prof. Zdeněk Hradil from the Department of Optics was successful with acronym StormyTune - Spectral-temporal Metrology with Tailored Quantum Measurements. This project is aimed at the field of quantum metrology and thus complements a previously acquired ApresSF project. Scientists from the Laboratory of Growth Regulators (LRR) will join the ADAPT project in the Sustainable Food Security challenge to identify molecular mechanisms by which potatoes can adapt to the combined environmental stress. This prestigious grant was awarded to prof. Miroslav Strnad. Bohumil Frantál has received a grant for his international project Enabling positive tipping points towards clean-energy transitions in coal and carbon intensive regions is focused on challenges of European coal-dependent regions they encounter in transition to a carbon-neutral economy in the Social Sciences and Humanities aspects of the Clean-Energy Transition call.

It is gratifying to see that the Faculty of Science offers top notch environment across various fields for implementation of projects that succeed  in strong international competition. We would like to thank all grant administrators for representing the Faculty and congratulate them on their achievements.

Martin Kubala

Science and Research

Czech-Austrian projects
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has announced a call for applications for grants to support joint Czech-Austrian projects within the mobility activity with implementation period of 2021-2022. The deadline for submitting project proposals to the R&D department of Miriam Delong is 12 May 2020. More information here.

Extension of the deadline for submitting proposals for GACR projects
In the context of spreading of the coronavirus epidemy in the Czech Republic and in an effort to respond to the current state of emergency and to accommodate as much as possible to all investigators. Detailed information can be found on the grant provider's webside.

International and outer University Information

Scholarship offers in Germany, Poland, Estonia and Slovakia
AIA would like to inform you about scholarship offers based on international agreements in Germany (DAAD), Poland, Estonia and Slovakia. The stays are expected to take place in the next academic year.

DAAD scholarships in Germany
Until April 30, PhD students and university teachers may apply for a DAAD scholarship for research visits, which may start between December 2020 and May 2021.

  • Research scholarships - short stays for 1 - 6 months for Doctoral candidates and young scientists
  • Research stays for university teachers (scholarships can be obtained every 3 years), for a period of 1-3 months
  • Working stays for university teachers in the fields of architecture and art, lasting 1 to 3 months
  • Bilateral exchange of scientists for 7 days - 3 months
  • New invitations for former scholarship holders (scholarships can be obtained every 3 years) for 1 to 3 months

As of May 1, 2020, it is possible to apply for scholarships for study trips of groups of students to Germany; 7 - max 12 days. The journey can be made no earlier than September 1, 2020.

Scholarships in Poland
Since not all scholarships have been filled by the original deadline, we have extended the deadline again and we accept applications for scholarships to Poland until April 30, 2020. BSP students, MSP and DSP students can apply for stays of 2-10 months, academic workers for stays of 1-5 months.

Scholarships in Slovakia
Until April 30, 2020, we accept scholarship applications for 2-week long lecture and research stays for academics and researchers in Slovakia.

Scholarships in Estonia
Until May 1, 2020, university teachers may apply for short and long-term stays in Estonia. Applications are accepted by the Archimedes Foundation, the Czech side ( should only be informed of the application.

Study matters

Graduation ceremony
The original date of graduation ceremony has been cancelled and given the current situation it is unclear when it will take place. If you have already registered for the graduation, paid a fee and are no longer interested in the graduation, we will refund the fee, just let your secretary know. The diplomas can only be issued after the faculty has been re-opened.

Contact with employees of Study department
In connection with the ban on students entering University premises, which is valid from Friday, March 13 until further notice, the Study Department of the Faculty of Science ensures the operation exclusively via e-mail communication. This also applies to Faculty staff who need to contact the study department.

Academic year schedule
The schedule for the following academic year 2020/2021 can be found at:

The second round of the admission procedure
The Dean of the Faculty of Science has announced the second round of admission procedure for the academic year 2020/2021 for equal filling of bachelor and follow-up master degree programs at the Faculty of Science. Applications can be submitted from April 15 to July 11, 2020.

Cancellation of the Round Table discussion
Due to the known circumstances associated with the viral pandemy, the Round Table discussion scheduled for April 16 has been cancelled.

Operation of the Faculty

Meal vouchers
Following the increase of the employer's contribution to canteen meals to 55 CZK, which was decided at the UP level, the management of the Faculty of Science has decided, with the approval of the trade union, to increase the nominal value of meal vouchers to 100 CZK.

At the same time, the contribution from the social fund to the employee's share in the price of a canteen meal or meal voucher increases to CZK 30; this was approved for a limited period until August 31, 2021.

Share in the price of lunch in UP canteens (the price of the main meal according to choice from the canteen remains different, the price of the soup has been reduced to 5 CZK):

  • The employer pays CZK 55 from operating funds
  • The employee pays the rest of the lunch price, for which the employee receives a contribution of 30 CZK from social fund

Share in the nominal value of the meal voucher (100 CZK):

  • The employer pays CZK 55 from operating funds
  • The employee pays CZK 45, for this part the employee receives a contribution from of 30 CZK from social fund

Other existing rules on food allowances remain unchanged. All these innovations are effective as of April 1, 2020 and those approved at the faculty level are stipulated in Amendment No. 6 to the Dean's Decision No. A-14/8/RD - Granting allowances, gifts and repayable loans from the Social Fund of the Faculty of Science, Palacký University Olomouc.

Meal voucher provider Up Czech Republic has contracted many venues for payment by vouchers, which can be found here. It is worth mentioning at this time, for example, companies providing food delivery such as Dame jídlo, Rohlík, iTesco, KFC or Albert, Billa, Hruška, Tesco, Jednota or Penny Market.

We would like to remind you that employees of Palacký University Olomouc, who use T-Mobile corporate tariff plans (both business and private mobile numbers), can now use unlimited data. T-Mobile has decided to do so based on the current situation and the clients´ need to use more data than they are used to. Employees who are now actively using the data can activate unlimited data for free until April 30, 2020. This option does not apply to data SIM cards (e.g. for laptop Internet). For more information, contact your service provider or contact Cellbest.

Also users of a new employee program may use unlimited data, provided that they have activated the data package. These users must activate the unlimited data themselves in My T-Mobile app or in My T-Mobile portal.

On case of any queries you may contact Cellbest. Those who have a current employee program directly at T-Mobile may call customer service at 800 73 73 73.


Collection of the Faculty of Science
We would like to thank all who have helped with sewing protective masks for the collection of the Faculty of Science. You can also get involved! The masks are continually handed over to health and social facilities and other institutions that urgently need this important protection due to their activity.

Masks can be continuously dropped off at the following collection points:

  • gatehouse of the Faculty of Science on 17. listopadu 12 (tel. 585 634 060)
  • gatehouse of the Faculty of Science in Holice (tel. 585 634 960)

Students who are currently banned from the Faculty of Science can bring their masks upon telephone agreement in front of the Faculty building.

Fort Science has prepared helpful patterns for laces on its 3D printers. It will facilitate the preparation of laces around the mask and will replace the string, which may not be available these days. Patterns are available free of charge at the reception of the Faculty of Science (Envelopa, 17.listopadu 12).

The collection of the Faculty of Science continues until further notice.

Fort Science
The opportunities where to go with kids are limited now, so it is time to pull out games and start doing crafts. You can find inspiration at our webside.

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