Follow-up Master Study

The follow-up Master degree programmes usually take two years, and end with the final state examination and the diploma thesis defense. Graduates obtain the academic title of "Master of Arts/Science" (in Czech magistr), abbreviated as "M.A./M.Sc." (in Czech Mgr.).

Doctoral Study

Doctoral study programmes are conducted in full-time or combined form with a study period of four years. Doctoral study ends with the doctoral state examination and the defense of dissertation, by which the student proves his/her ability to work independently. Graduates are awarded the academic title "Doctor", abbreviated as "Ph.D."


The most important provisions concerning all university students are listed on university website.
For students of the Faculty of Science there are also faculty provisions applicable.

Faculty provisions

  • A-17/4/SD - Directive of the Dean of the Faculty of Science which regulates certain issues of the Study and Examinations Code of UP (hereinafter referred to as "SEC") (as amended by 1. 9. 2017)
  • 1/2010 - Dean's Provision to Regulate Certain Issues of the Study and Examinations Code of Palacký University and the Rigorous Code of Palacký University
  • A-14/10/OD - Provision of the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc of 20. 8. 2014 Regulating Structure of Doctoral Study Programs at the faculty in Credit System
  • A-15/7/SD - Directive of the Dean of the Faculty of Science, which regulates certain provisions of Scholarship Code of UP + Amendment no.1 A-17/9/SD
  • 1/2014 - Directive Regulating Acknowledgment of Credits from Foreign Student Mobility

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Study Department

The faculty's Study Department is located on the ground floor of the building on 17. listopadu 12.

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