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Pavlovič A., Kopečná M., Hloušková L., Jakšová J., Hřivňacký M., Ilík P., Bartos J. Diethyl ether anaesthesia inhibits de-etiolation of barley seedlings by locking them in intermediate skoto-photomorphogenetic state. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM. 2024.
Pavlovič A., Jakšová J., Vrobel O., Chamrád I., Lenobel R., Tarkowski P. Is the co-option of jasmonate signalling for botanical carnivory a universal trait for all carnivorous plants? JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. 2024.
Pavlovič A., Jakšová J., Hřivňacký M., Adamec L. Alternative or cytochrome? Respiratory pathways in traps of aquatic carnivorous bladderwort Utricularia reflexa. Plant Signaling & Behavior. 2022.
Pavlovič A., Jakšová J., Kučerová Z., Špundová M., Rác M., Roudnický P., Mithofer A. Diethyl ether anesthesia induces transient cytosolic [Ca2+] increase, heat shock proteins, and heat stress tolerance of photosystem II in Arabidopsis. Frontiers in Plant Science. 2022.
Pavlovič A. How the sensory system of carnivorous plants has evolved. PLANT COMMUNICATIONS. 2022.
Krausko M., Kusá Z., Peterková D., Pavlovič A. The Absence of the AtSYT1 Function Elevates the Adverse Effect of Salt Stress on Photosynthesis in Arabidopsis. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. 2022.
Jakšová J., Rác M., Bokor B., Petřík I., Novák O., Michael R., Axel M., Pavlovič A. Anaesthetic diethyl ether impairs long-distance electrical and jasmonate signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY. 2021.
Jakšová J., Adamec L., Petřík I., Novák O., Šebela M., Pavlovič A. Contrasting effect of prey capture on jasmonate accumulation in two genera of aquatic carnivorous plants (Aldrovanda, Utricularia). PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY. 2021.
Kocáb O., Bačovčínová M., Bokor B., Šebela M., Lenobel R., Schoner C., Schoner M., Pavlovič A. Enzyme activities in two sister-species of carnivorous pitcher plants (Nepenthes) with contrasting nutrient sequestration strategies. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY. 2021.
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Perroud P., Demko V., Ako AE., Khanal R., Bokor B., Pavlovič A., Jásik J., Wenche J. The nuclear GUCT domain‑containing DEAD‑box RNA helicases govern gametophytic and sporophytic development in Physcomitrium patens. PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. 2021.
Pavlovič A., Libiaková M., Bokor B., Jakšová J., Petřík I., Novák O., Baluška F. Anaesthesia with diethyl ether impairs jasmonate signalling in the carnivorous plant Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula). ANNALS OF BOTANY. 2020.
Kocáb O., Jakšová J., Novák O., Petřík I., Lenobel R., Chamrád I., Pavlovič A. Jasmonate-independent regulation of digestive enzyme activity in the carnivorous butterwort Pinguicula × Tina. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. 2020.
Jakšová J., Libiaková M., Bokor B., Petřík I., Novák O., Pavlovič A. Taste for protein: Chemical signal from prey stimulates enzyme secretion through jasmonate signalling in the carnivorous plant Venus flytrap. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY. 2020.
Pavlovič A., Mithöfer A. Jasmonate signalling in carnivorous plants: copycat of plant defence mechanisms. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. 2019.
Yokawa K., Kagenishi T., Pavlovič A., Gall S., Weiland M., Mancuso S., Baluška F. Anaesthetics stop diverse plant organ movements, affect endocytic vesicle recycling and ROS homeostasis, and block action potentials in Venus flytraps. ANNALS OF BOTANY. 2018.
Saganová M., Bokor B., Stolárik T., Pavlovič A. Regulation of enzyme activities in carnivorous pitcher plants of the genus Nepenthes. PLANTA. 2018.
Ilík P., Pavlovič A., Kouřil R., Alboresi A., Morosinotto T., Allahverdiyeva Y., Aro E., Yamamoto H., Shikanai T. Alternative electron transport mediated by flavodiiron proteins is operational in organisms from cyanobacteria up to gymnosperms. New Phytologist. 2017.
Krausko M., Perutka Z., Šebela M., Šamajová O., Šamaj J., Novák O., Pavlovič A. The role of electrical and jasmonate signalling in the recognition of captured prey in the carnivorous sundew plant Drosera capensis. New Phytologist. 2017.
Stolárik T., Hedtke B., Šantrůček J., Ilík P., Grimm B., Pavlovič A. Transcriptional and post-translational control of chlorophyll biosynthesis by dark-operative protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase in Norway spruce. Photosynthesis Research. 2017.
Pavlovič A., Krausko M., Adamec L. A carnivorous sundew plant prefers protein over chitin as a source of nitrogen from its traps. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 2016.
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Givnish T., Sparks W., Hunter S., Pavlovič A. Why are plants carnivorous? Cost/benefit analysis, whole-plant growth, and the context-specific advantages of botanical carnivory. In Ellison A., Adamec L. (Eds.) Carnivorous Plants Physiology, ecology, and evolution. 2018.

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