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Number of Student organizations is growing

Student organizations are an integral part of the academic life. Students of the Faculty of Science are behind the foundation of POSPOL (the First Organization of Natural Science Students in Olomouc), Udržitelný Palacký (the Sustainable Palacký) or the newest Chemický spolek UP (UP Chemical Club). Our students also play a very important role in UP Crowd, the only one of them with legal personality. All organizations mentioned would welcome new active members.

POSPOL is the oldest organization; its members are active in various spheres of student life. Among other things, they organize cultural and sport events for example traditional table tennis league or the annual π run. Both events will take place in this academic year. "Those who get involved in our activities will gain teamwork experience. They will learn to communicate with people inside the Faculty as well as with external partners; they will join in organizing various actions, designing posters et cetera. We will definitely give a warm welcome to new reinforcements, "said Jakub Žák, the POSPOL coordinator.

The new UP Chemical Club would like to support and associate active students of chemical disciplines from different departments. "We want to create a friendly environment for students of Chemistry through which they may educate themselves as well as find new friends with similar interests. We would like to organize excursions to scientific and industrial workplaces or lectures of academics or scientists on current topics in Chemistry. One of the activities we also wish to focus on is popularization of Chemistry, " said Tomáš Heger a Martin Vondrák, the initiators of the association.

Based on the initiative of students of the Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development the Sustainable Palacký organization has arisen. Its main goal is to strengthen social responsibility and support environmentally-friendly behavior.  The Community Garden Václavka or opening a Freeshop are particular results of its activities. "We always try to take into account all pillars of sustainable development: such as economic, environmental, social and institutional. We have realized that we don´t have to wait until the end of our studies to change things around us. Au contraire," said Tadeáš Žďárský, one of the organization members.

UP Crowd, headed by the new president Martin Jaško, has devoted its existence to popularizing science, research and studies at the Faculty of Science. Whereas this organization has an autonomous legal form, it has been necessary to adjust a long-term cooperation agreement, which is right before signing. UP Crowd members present activities of the organization during the annual Faculty Open House or the Faculty Science and research fairs. You may also meet them giving lectures and promoting science and our Faculty at high schools.

The management of the Faculty supports activities of these organizations. "Department of External and Internal Relations can provide financial or material support of their activities as well as cooperate in the area of promotion or ensure suitable space for planned activities," reminded Dagmar Petrželová, Head of the department.

Science and Research

Department of Science and Research of the Faculty of Science has two new employees, Lenka Hárendarčíková and Miriam Delongová since mid-November. Both new colleagues will replace Michaela Kratochvílová, who shall leave her position on January 1, 2018. We would like to express our thanks for her work, helpfulness and professionalism. We wish her success in her personal and professional life.

According to UP Rector's Guideline no. B3-14/7 we kindly request authors who want to issue a publication in UP Publishing house in 2018 to send their request for inclusion into the editorial plan to Alena Jarošová at by Wednesday, December 13. The request form is available here.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has announced the second public call in science, development and innovation INTER-COST (LTC18) to support international cooperation in research and development. For further information please contact Miriam Delongová, tel: 4022. Project proposals with all required documentation shall be submitted in the form requested at by December 14.

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic has announced a public call to support research, development and innovation projects in the field of energetics focused on research in the public interest, new technologies and system elements with high potential for fast implementation in practice as well as projects aimed at supporting long-term technological perspectives in energetics. For further information please contact Lenka Hárendarčíková, tel: 4022. Project proposals with all required documentation shall be submitted in the form requested at by January 4.

For Students

Curriculum for academic year 2017/2018 is available on the website of the Faculty.

Recognition of subjects

We kindly request students who have applied for subject recognition from previous studies via UP Portal and have not yet submitted the printed version of the application with subject guarantors´ statements to do so immediately.

Doctoral study
We kindly request students of Doctoral study programs who wish to make any major changes regarding their studies (discontinuing their studies, changing a supervisor or a form of study) to first register their application at the Faculty registry and keep a copy of the document.
Students who wish to terminate their studies at their own request shall do so by the 25th day of the month due to scholarship payment administration procedure deadline.

Graduation ceremony of Doctoral study programs will be held on December 8 in the auditorium of the Faculty of Law.

Study at UP application
The new application for Android mobile phones and tablets will provide our prospective students with a clear insight into the possibilities of studying at our University; it will offer an overview of study fields, annotations, information about admission procedures, etc. The application also includes the Faculty Open house program, an interactive map of UP buildings with timetable of the special UP bus line, which will enable a comfortable connection of individual faculties during the Open house.
The programmers will be grateful for any constructive ideas and comments sent at: The feedback will be used for further improvement and updating of the application.

Opening hours of Department of Study during Christmas
We would like to inform you that Department of Study will be closed from December 22 to January 1.

International and outer University Information

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Israel
Candidates interested in conducting postdoctoral research at the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research (BIDR), Ben-Gurion University of the Negev are invited to apply for postdoctoral fellowships for  2018-2019 academic year and are eligible to be renewed for a second year. Postdoctoral positions are available for scholars performing research in topics related to drylands, including: desert ecology, solar energy, environmental physics, architecture and urban planning, rainfed and irrigated agriculture, hydrology, aquaculture, environmental microbiology, desalination and water treatment, and biotechnology. The deadline for submitting applications is March 4, detailed instructions on the preparation and submission of applications is available here.

Faculty operation

We cordially invite the academic community, senators of the Faculty Senate in particular,  to take part in the presentation of a candidate for the position of the Dean of the Faculty of Science, which will take place in the Laudon´s Hall of the Stronghold of Knowledge on Thursday, November 30 at 2 p.m.
Questions addressed to prof. Frébort as the only candidate to respond to the academic community shall be send November 28 at: This email address has been approved for the purpose by the Electoral Commission of the Faculty Senate.

Construction works in Envelopa Faculty building
The management of the Faculty will initiate the third phase of the air-conditioning system completion and hood pipes replacement in a part of the sixth floor and in section A of the ground floor of the Faculty building next year in January. Construction works connected with complete indoor installation of air-conditioning units in the offices and work rooms or with adjustment of the whole air-conditioning system will limit the operation in affected areas for about three to four weeks including the Faculty registry. Department of Geology and Department of Study will be relocated temporarily, too. Detailed information is available on the Faculty website where current news related to other construction activities in Envelopa or Holice campus are published here.
Construction works will also affect the Stronghold of Knowledge. Operation of two expositions will be limited from January 3 to February 2 due to repair of floors damaged by leaking. Restoration of a drywall ceiling, painting and a repair of door trims will be performed on the third floor of the property.

Search in patent databases
UP Science and Technology Park has prepared the workshop as a key to a successful project and  invention. You will learn how to easily, quickly and efficiently find useful information in the patent literature. The workshop will take place at the beginning of December; you may choose from three possible dates. For further information please contact

Operation of HR and Payroll Department at the end of the year
Due to a hectic period connected to the end of the year we kindly request our employees to continuously pass the following documents onto the HR and Payroll Departments of the Faculty:
HR Department (Mrs. Pokorná, Mrs. Vašková)

  • requests for extension of employment contracts ending this year
  • new agreements to perform a job, new agreements to perform a work

Payroll Department (Mrs. Pěčková, Mrs. Kristková)

  • attendance records, notice of absence, sick notes, evidence of support if caring for family members in December
  • proposals for exceptional remuneration payment
  • proposals for one-off adjustments of personal evaluations
  • requirements for food vouchers and UniCheques
  • accounting of Agreements to perform a job and Agreements to perform work for December

All the documents mentioned shall be submitted by Wednesday, December 13, 12:00 a.m.

Any changes in attendance due to illness of an employee or family member care after the deadline shall be reported as soon as possible, however by January 2 the latest. Attendance records shall be printed after final check and closure of attendance by the payroll office on Wednesday, January 3.

Requirements for assessment of project wage costs shall be sent to both accountants,
Mrs. Pěčková and Mrs. Kristková at the same time; all requests will be processed and returned back to the further adjustments by December 19. Any adjustments will be possible by December 20, 12:00 a.m.

HR and Payroll Departments will be closed from December 23 to December 26 and from
December 30 to January 1.

If you do not need a personal consultation on the matter, please submit documents via internal mail (mailbox no.6 opposite the Faculty registry). It will provide an extra time for processing payroll data.

Operation of Economic Department at the end of the year
All applications for abroad payments by check shall be submitted to the Economic Department by Tuesday, December 5.

Billing of advances as well as final invoices shall be continuously passed on to the Economic Department by December 15

All operations at the Faculty cash desk including travel accounts and payment receipts shall be settled by December 15.

Original tax documents / invoices shall be delivered regularly and as soon as possible, or by December 15. After the deadline we cannot guarantee their accounting in calendar year 2017.


The Faculty of Science announces a traditional Christmas collection for children living in Klokánek institutes of the Fund of Endangered Children. If you want to contribute to children living without harmonious family background you may donate dolls or cars as well as puzzles, building blocks, board games or creative toys to the three drop-off points at the Faculty - management department of Center of the Region Haná and the Herbary in Holice or the Faculty registry in the main Faculty building Envelopa by December 4. Children and teenagers who live in Klokánek institutions will be happy for art or school supplies, cosmetics, new tracksuits, sweatshirts and T-shirts, long-life food, fruit purees, or practical things, such as dishwasher tablets, washing powders, etc. As an addition to the collection you may visit Christmas-themed children's art exhibition on the sixth floor of the main Faculty building or in the atrium of No.41 building in Holice.

The next Newsletter will be released on December 8, 2017

New Internal Rules

As of November 2, 2017 Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports registered the following provisions of UP:
R-A-17/02 - Scholarship Code UP
R-A-17/03 - Code of UP reexamination Commitee
Both UP provisions have come into effect on November 9, 2017.

As of November 8, 2017 the following provision of UP came into effect:
B1-15/3-HN-N01- Amendment no. 1 Constitution of UP Accommodation and Canteen Management

As of November 23, 2017 the following provision of UP came into effect:R-B-17/06 - Preparation and approval of Strategic Documents of UP

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