Introductory word

Summer Post-semestral gathering
Dean of the Faculty Martin Kubala cordially invites all staff members, doctoral candidates and seniors of the Faculty to a traditional gathering at the end of the semester "Summer POSPOS". You may look forward to BBQed steak, sausages, dessert and other refreshments. The gathering will take place behind the main Faculty building on Tuesday, June 12 from 12 pm. There will be live music playing for people to listen and dance.

Science and Research

Horizon 2020
The European Commission has announced a new round of Twinning challenge under Horizon 2020 (Call identifier WIDESPREAD-03-2018). For detailed information about the call, please visit Proposals can be submitted by November 15, 2018. It is a very interesting opportunity to get involved in Horizon 2020 projects and to get the resources to support international cooperation with leading foreign scientific workplaces.

For Students

Formally closing studies before SZZ / defense
We would like to notify students who plan to take Final state examination or defend their thesis in May / June 2018, to close their studies at the Study department at least three weeks prior to the date of the exam or defense.

Graduation ceremony of Bachelor and Master Degree programs
Graduation ceremonies for Bachelor and Master degree programs will take place from June 25-28 at the Faculty of Arts, UP, Křížkovského 10. We ask students to inform the study department as soon as possible after the successful completion of studies whether they will attend the graduation ceremony. The fee is CZK 500. Instructions on how to pay the fee can be found at The exact timetable of the event will be available in the second half of June.

Recognition of subjects from the pedagogical minimum (lifelong learning)
We would like to notify students of the follow-up single-subject studies who have completed the pedagogical minimum in their main studies, and in this academic year they will graduate, of the necessity of transferring subjects of the pedagogical minimum from the full-time study to life-long education. You can apply for the transfer of courses via classical application (download form on the FS website) - not in the form of an electronic application. Send the application to the study department to Ms. Karásková.

Evaluations by Doctoral students
We ask students of doctoral study programs to submit their evaluations for academic year 2017/2018 by June 30. The evaluation must be signed by the student and his/her supervisor and must include the supervisor's written opinion on whether or not he recommends promotion to a higher grade. Even after submitting the evaluation, the student can complete the courses he / she had registered in STAG by September 6. After this date, conditions for promotion to the next year will be checked. Students of fourth and higher years will also submit an application for extension of their studies. The application must also include the statement and signature of the supervisor


International and outer University Information

Foreign internships
The Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic by the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva will allow the selected candidate to do an internship with a primary focus on human rights, the UN Human Rights Council and other UN human rights mechanisms, and the current needs of a permanent mission, including humanitarian affairs or health. Requirements for applicants: Excellent English skills, excellent communication and analytical skills and overall knowledge of foreign affairs. The internship will take place from September 3 to November 30, 2018. Students can apply by June 11 at with attached CV and a cover letter in English.


The National Contact Point of Slovakia offers cooperation with the Slovak Business Agency in the 4th Call of INTERREG EUROPE project. Cooperation will focus on the following priorities:

- Strengthening research, technological development and innovation: clusters, innovation in specific sectors
- Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises: the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises, innovation capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurship, social innovation
- Environmental Protection and Promotion of Resource Efficiency: Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency, Green Business

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact the Slovak Chamber of Commerce (Slovak Business Agency, Karadžičova 2, 811 09 Bratislava 2, ph .: +421 2 203 63 100, e-mail: as soon as possible. The call will be closed on June 22, 2018 at 12:00, and there is still time to involve the project with experienced partners. This call is the last challenge within INTERREG EUROPE.

Meeting with the Vice-Rector for International Relations
Everyone who has any questions regarding internationalisation of our faculty, mobility of students and researchers, or other international affairs is cordially invited to the meeting with the Vice-Rector for International Relations which will take place on Wednesday, June 20 in the large lecture hall in the "SLO" building from 8:30 to 11:30 AM. In particular, the Department's Mobility Coordinators are welcome.

Faculty Operation

Refilling Cooling - Stage 4
The final stage of the cooling refilling will be commenced by the contractor on Saturday, June 16, 2018. Due to the scope of work, the contractor wants to work at night and on weekends. In the chart below there are individual agreed dates of cooling refilling.

Please clear the space 1-2 days before commencement of actual works to ensure that covering of cabinets, shelves as well as racking (or eviction) of the furniture.

The contractor has 14 days to finish cooling in your premises. All construction works of dusty and noisy character (drilling, installation of air-conditioning units, individual wiring, penetrations, refilling of sanitary installations, anchoring of gutters, etc.) will be carried out. Subsequently, some departments will be decorated. Cleaning will be provided by the Building Administration.

Depending on the implementation of individual cooling circuits, system pressure tests, commissioning and comprehensive testing - 72 hours in operation, handover to users and user training will be carried out. These works may be carried out during operation (it is a "clean" job), limitation to users will be minimal

Substantial completion of the 4th stage is August 31, when the trial operation, which will end on October 31, will begin. The warranty begins to run on the date of delivery and take-over to end-use (October 31, 2018) equipment is 24 months, for the other 60 months.

During trial operation, we will be happy to hear any feedback about usage, reporting of defects, but also a possible assessment of the internal microclimate.

Rebuilding the emergency lighting system in the main Faculty building.
In the past years, more than CZK 1 million was spent in connection with emergency lighting repairs, but the system was not fully functional after all repairs. That is why we have made an overall analysis of the current emergency lighting system. Its output was a comprehensive, clear document, describing the current state of the system and proposing different ways of solution (repair of the existing system, partial renewal of the system, complete exchange with a new system, etc.). Based on the overall analysis, we decided to completely restore the system. The system is currently being restored and is fully operational and operational.

The aforementioned fact about NO malfunctions is mentioned in the fire safety thematic control protocol, so we expect a visit from the FRS Olomouc region soon. For this reason, please ensure that all fire regulations are complied with. The check may also be unannounced.

Modernization of Physics Laboratories on 4th Floor of the main Faculty building
Under the OPVV, the construction works of the physics laboratory will be carried out in the 4th floor of the building in the central part. Implementation will begin in August 2018 and demolition work (buildup of partitions, floors, core drilling into ceilings) should be carried out by the beginning of the semester. These works will be very noisy and dusty. The works will be followed by the implementation of new structural layers of floors, the installation of partitions, the completion of all surface and partition finishes, fire seals, SDK covers and ceilings, including completion of works outside the laboratory (in the atrium of the buildington all floors).

Upon completion of all installations, functional tests, complex tests and revisions will be carried out on the systems of air conditioning, cooling, heating, MaR, EPS, etc.The demanding reconstruction will start in August and will end next spring.

Replenishment of openings in room 3.004
In Room 3.004, Window Replacement will be made on June 18, depending on the weather. Work will be done mainly from outside. Since a platform will be built the entrance / exit to / from the building will be limited by the main entrance on 17.listopadu. Staff and students can use the entrance to the park (direction to the dorm) or the entrance to the garage.

In connection with the implementation of the project "Development of the Study Environment at Palacky University in Olomouc (ROSTU)" within Operational Program Research, Development and Education, the following contracts will be implemented:

PřF UP in Olomouc - AV and transmission technology
There will be delivery and installation of new data projectors, projection screens and AV technically into individual classrooms, seminar rooms and aula in the main Faculty building, but also at the Stronghold of Knowledge and the Holice area. Supposed delivery date 07 - 08/2018.

PřF UP in Olomouc - modernization of the study room (Envelopa)
The existing study room on the 6th floor is currently not a suitable place to study. Above all, it is an open space with bad acoustics. The goal of the modification is to minimize acoustic discomfort as well as to reduce the negative effects of passage disposition and to offer a scalable set of individual self-study.The total space will be partitioned through screens to individual but group jobs.

Expected delivery date 07/2018. Before the actual realization, the floors will be cleaned in the room and the wiring will be repaired in floor boxes etc. The study room and the library of PřF UP will be closed for the necessary time.

PřF UP in Olomouc - Rechargeable kiosks
New charging kiosks will be available in the reading room at the main building of the PřF and in the Holice library where students and employees will be able to recharge their own mobile phones, tablets, computers and similar devices in lockable kiosks. Multi-connector charging cable (micro USB, Apple Lightning, USB-C) and 220V socket will be available in each slot.The expected delivery date is 07/2018.

PřF UP in Olomouc - modernization of study spaces in atria (main Faculty building and Stronghold of Knowledge)
The buildings of the Faculty will be equipped with a new furniture. On the main building of the building in the central part will be newly placed universal study chairs and steel tables, which can be combined into various assemblies. Only new chairs will be provided for the Stronghold of Knowledge, which will be used especially during conferences and lectures. Supposed delivery date 07/2018.

New Internal Rules

As of May 31, 2018 the following new internal regulation of UP enterd into force:
R-B-18/11 - Dislocation committee of Palacky University Olomouc

As of June 1, 2018 the following new internal regulation of UP enterd into force:
R-B-18/12 - Personal data protection at Palacky University Olomouc


The Academia Publishing House announces the 7th year of Student Competition for the Best manuscript. The thesis must be defended from October 15, 2017 to October 15, 2018, awarded a good mark and enrolled by the workplace where it was defended. Send the work until October 31, 2018 (including documents). The winning works will be published as non-periodical publications in the publishing house (based on a non-exclusive license publishing contract concluded with the author of the work, which will continue to be able to publish in professional, domestic and foreign journals). See

Returning plates to Spaghetti restaurant
Spaghetti restaurant on the 6 floor is asking all boarders to return the borrowed plates as soon as possible.

Maly Noe foundation would like to invite you to two concerts. The first one called From children to children will take place in the church on Svaty Kopecek on June 7 at 6pm.The yield will be given to six-year-old Adelka (suffering from a rare syndrome) for the purchase of a special aid to enble her erect sitting.

In cooperation with the Olomouc Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Little Noe Foundation organizes a musical costume performance called From Fairy tale to fairy tale. You can see this benefit performance in June 10 at 10:30 at Reduta MDO Hall. The yield from the performance will be devoted to ten-year-old David, a child with cerebral palsy, to buy a special multifunctional seat for school.

Hot water repair
The heat supply (including hot water) will be interrupted throughout Olomouc to repair the hot water pipeline on the following dates:

7.6. 2018 from 06.00 to 14:00

16.6.2018 from 00.00 to 20:00

For detailed information see

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