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Academic Senate has chosen Martin Kubala as the new Dean candidate

The Academic Senate of the Faculty of Science has chosen the Biophysicist Martin Kubala from the Center of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research as a candidate for the Dean in the next four years. In the first round, he received 11 votes, the minimum number required for the election. In the elections he has defeated the current dean Ivo Frébort and a Chemist Michal Čajan. The new Dean, whose term begins on February 1, must still be appointed by Rector Jaroslav Miller.

"My goal is to allow all faculty staff to develop their creative potential as much as possible. I would like to evenly support the three pillars that hold the faculty - namely teaching, science and its popularization. This is related to fair financing of these three components," said Kubala, who is particularly well-known in connection with the following projects promoting science: Badatel, Newton, or the Young Scientists' Conference. He has promised the senators, among other things, administrative simplification, which, in his view, is the biggest obstacle for the faculty to become even more competitive on an international scale. Prior to the election, he also spoke about the need to modify faculty legislation and improve communication within the faculty.

The current Dean Ivo Frébort has received eight votes in the first round. "This faculty is amazing and it has been a great honor for me to lead it in the last four years," Frébort said. He reminded that the faculty is one of the leading research faculties in the Czech Republic and has gained reputation in a number of disciplines also on an international scale. The third candidate, Michal Čajan, received one vote in the elections.

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Science and Research

Chiranal 2018

Department of Analytical Chemistry will hold a traditional conference Advances in Chromatography and Electrophoresis & Chiranal 2018 from January 29th to February 1st in the Stronghold of Knowledge. Experts from academic as well as industrial sector dealing with theory and applications of separation methods will attend the meeting. For more information, please visit

Department of Science and Research

Due to the recent personal changes at the Department of Science and Research the duties have been distributed as follows:

• Mgr. Alena Jarošová: CES (Central Evidence of Contracts), Scientific Board meetings (incl. the proceedings), research projects of ministries (except Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports), OBD, IGA a FRUP

• Mgr. Lenka Hárendarčíková: website, GACR, TACR

• Mgr. Miriam Delongová: editorial activities, publication activities, research projects of Ministry if Education, Youth and Sports, archive

Office hours are daily from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Current deadlines and calls for project applications may be found at the Faculty´s website under Science - Projects and Grants.

For Students

Student internships

The applications deadline for a continuous teacher training of first-year students of the Follow-up Master and the Parallel additional study of teaching is on February 2nd. It will not be possible to apply for the training after this deadline. The application form is available here. Only students who apply will be registered for teacher training.

We would also like to point out that due to changes in legislature since January 1st, 2018 students are obligated to negotiate an Agreement on securing a professional internship between Palacký University, Olomouc and the student. The Agreement form including the instructions for its completion is available at the website of the Department of Teacher Training. In case of any queries, please contact Jana Slezáková at

Subject Registration for summer semester

Registration of subjects for summer semester of academic year 2017/2018 for Bachelor, Follow-up Master, and Doctoral study programs runs from January 16 to February 18. Detailed information is available here.

Credit books have been lifted

We would like to remind you that since September 1st, 2017 the credit books for students of all years have been lifted. Grades are entered only into STAG.

Final state examinations and defense of Bachelor and Master final thesis

We ask students who wish to take the State final examinations or defense of Bachelor or Master thesis in January / February to come to the Study department at least three weeks before the date of the examination / defense to close the study year and meanwhile register for a specific date via STAG.

Fischer Scholarship holders´presentations

Vice-Dean for International Relations Zdeněk Hradil cordially invites you to participate in the 2nd Seminar for incoming Fischer scholars. The event will be held on Tuesday, February 13th at 2:00 p.m. in the Large Conference Room, Deans Office, on the 6th floor of the Faculty of Science.

First-year Ph.D. students are advised to present their personal data, previous academic experience and particularly their Ph.D. project. Students of the second year should present the Progress Report, all in the terms accessible to a broad academic audience. The presentation should not exceed than 10 minutes plus allow 5 minutes for discussion. Students are asked to send their presentations by February 7th at 12:00 a.m. to Mrs. Dana Gronychová,

Academic Senate

Next meeting of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Science will take place on January 31 at 1:00 pm in the Large conference room, Dean´s Office. Suggested agenda:

· Commencement, audit of resolutions from previous meetings

· Information from Academic Senate of UP

· Approval of a deputy in Ethics Committee of UP

· Approval of investment for 2018

· Discussing candidates for Vice-deans

· AS PrF statement to the intent of study programs´ accreditation

· Miscellaneous

Faculty Operation

Interim relocation of Study Department

The Department of Study has temporarily been relocated to rooms no. 1.024, 1.025 and 1.036 on the ground floor of the main Faculty building.

Training for drivers of company vehicles

Employees who during the fulfillment of their duties drive their own or company vehicles with weight of 3.5 tons and less, and are not professional drivers (driving of a vehicle is not mentioned in their employment contract) must attend a driver training, which will take place on the following dates:

· 23.1.2018 | 14:00-16:00 | PřF UP, 17. listopadu 12, 2nd floor, 2.001 (Auditorium)

· 25.1.2018 | 10:00-12:00 | PF, 17. listopadu 6, building B, Auditorium

· 5.2.2018 | 14:00-16:00 | PřF UP, 17. listopadu 12, 2nd floor, 2.001 (Auditorium)

In front of the training room there will be an attendance list. We kindly request participants to leave their legibly written names, the respective department and their signature. Their attendance will otherwise be invalid. The training is valid for two years, and there is no need to register for the event ahead of time. The next series of driver trainings is planned for May and October of 2018. We will inform you of the dates and times ahead of time.


English language courses for employees and PhD students

The Department of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Science, Palacky University offers English courses for the employees and PhD students of the Faculty of Science in the summer semester 2017/18. The complete list of courses.

New Internal Rules

As of December 28, 2017 the following provision came into effect:

R-B-17/11- Establishment of a position of Personal Data Protection Officer

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