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We are looking for new supervisors in Badatel project
Were you thinking about hiring someone to help out in your project, would you like to learn how to lead someone else, or do you simply enjoy popularization of research and would you like to show it to enthusiastic high school students?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we offer you the opportunity to list a topic for high-school students within Badatel project. How to list a project can be found on this page. Shortly after completing the form, your project offer will appear on the listed projects page, to which you can refer secondary school students or eventually your former secondary school teachers.

On May 16, the Conference of Young Scientists will take place, where students who have taken part in Badatel have the opportunity to present their results. The supervisors will be awarded CZK 3,000 - 10,000 for their students' participation (according to their success). FB:

Science and Research

On February 21, 2019, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic announced a public tender for research, development and innovation of INTERACTION (LTAUSA19) subprogram for the submission of international cooperation projects in research and development focusing on Czech-American cooperation. Deadline for submitting proposals is April 3 at R & D department to Miriam Delongová, e-mail: More information here.

Announcement of GA CR public tender
The Grant Agency of the Czech Republic announces a public tender for research, development and innovation in support of grant projects. The public tender is announced to support grant projects with the expected commencement of implementation in 2020.

Detailed documents and information necessary for preparation and submission of project proposals, the conditions of the applicants' eligibility, the requirements for their demonstration and the way of evaluating the project proposals are described in the tender specifications for each type of competition.

Tender specifications are published at Forms for project proposals are available exclusively on the GA ČR web site at in the online web-based application (GRIS) created by the GA CR for this purpose.

Project proposal must be completed in this application and converted to PDF format according to the instructions contained in the application. The proposal of the project, including the annexes, must be submitted to the GA CR through the information system of data boxes no later than the last day of the competition deadline.

Generated proposals will be sent through the R & D Department staff via data box to the grant provider. Due to the expected number of designs and limited capacity of the data box, send your suggestions in pdf format to by Wednesday, April 3.

International and outer University Information

Scholarships to study in the Republic of Korea and Taiwan
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, would like to draw your attention to the updated offer of scholarships based on international agreements.

The Republic of Korea offers 2 positions for graduates of Bachelor or Master degree programs. Application should be submitted to the headquarters of the Academic Information Agency (Foreign Cooperation House, AIA, Na Poříčí 1035/4, 110 00 Prague 1) by March 15. The list of required documents (or a link to them) and other conditions for the scholarship offer can be found here.

At the same time we are informing you about another scholarship opportunity in Taiwan. Chinese Economic and Cultural Office offers scholarships for multi-year studies (bachelor, master and doctoral studies) and for Mandarin lessons from 3 to 12 months. Applications are submitted to the Economic and Cultural Office in Prague by March 31. The scholarship offer to Taiwan can be found here.

Due to the drop in the number of nominated students, I would like to inform you of the possibility to open additional selection procedures for Erasmus study stays for academic year 2019/2020, including winter semester. The results of the additional selection procedures (incl. Erasmus + generated report) should be sent to Mgr. Vladimír Žlutířová, e-mail:, tel.: 585 631 062 by March 28.

For Students

Registering subjects for Summer semester 2018/2019 - schedule changes
It is possible to make minor changes to schedule at the Study department by March 20, 2019.

Graduation ceremonies
We ask graduates who successfully completed their studies by final state examination in January and February to apply for a graduation ceremony at their study referent. These will take place from June 24-28. The exact schedule will be posted on the faculty web site in the second half of June. You can pick up the confirmation of completing studies at the Study Department. Here you can also collect your diplomas at the end of March if you do not want to take part in the graduation ceremony.

Graduation ceremonies of Doctoral students
Graduation ceremonies of graduates of Doctoral programs will take place during May - June. All concerned graduates will be contacted by their study referent via email.

Scholarship applications
You must submit applications for regular scholarships until the end of the academic year, i.e. August 2019, not until December 2019. This is due to the fact that STAG works with academic years, not calendar ones; some students finish their studies during the application process; the amounts of scholarships change etc. For September 2019, submit new requests.

Academic Senate

The upcoming meeting of Academic Senate of the Faculty will take place on Wednesady April 10 at 1 pm in the large meeting room at Dean´s Office (6.014). The agenda will cover mainly division of finances and budget of the Faculty.

Faculty Operation

Road closure
We would like to inform all employees that from March 27-28, the communication between Faculty of Science and Faculty of Law will be closed. The reason is the moving optical tables to building of the Faculty of Science, within the OPVV project - Modernization of Physics Laboratories on the 4th floor of PrF UP building - Envelopa. Map of the location - here.

On the access road to the parking lot under the administration of the Faculty of Law and the entrance to the underground garages of the Faculty of Science, there will be a lifting technique and a truck with optical tables, etc. Moving cannot be completed during normal operation, therefore the access to the underground garages and the parking lot will not be allowed. If everything is accomplished during March 27, we expect the communication to begin immediately after the completion of the works. Otherwise, the communication will be closed on March 28 as well. We apologize for any complications.


Dear employees,

based on provision B3-13/2MPR Regular evaluation of UP employees and provision of the Faculty PrF-B-19/02, on behalf of the Dean, we would kindly like to ask you to evaluate employees at your departments according to the following schedule:

Schedule of evaluation for PrF UP






Collecting data at PrF: Academic and scientific workers check automatically recorded data and fill in other items into IS HAP.



Disclosure of evaluation calculated by evaluating model of IS HAP to the Dean, coordinator of IS HAP and department leaders.

- Evaluation interviews between department leaders and academic and scientific workers based on entered and calculated data in IS HAP.

- Leading workers record final qualitative evaluation into IS HAP.

In the same time period evaluation interviews with other employees take place with a form called Evaluation of other employees as their outcome.



Disclosure of final evaluations to academic and scientific employees.

Information System for Evaluation of academic staff (IS HAP) will be activated for the control and eventual completion of data by academic workers, (professor, associate professor, assistant professor, assistant, lecturer, educational scientist) and non-academic scientific staff of the Faculty of Science in accordance with the schedule on 11. 3. 2019. Data from STAG, OBD, project information, and contract research deals will already be retrieved in the submission forms but need to be reviewed.

IS HAP is available at Please log in using the same username and password as to UP Portal. After logging in, pop-up instructions how to work with this system appear at the bottom of the screen. We recommend that you pay attention to the hint given for each item of the form (the "question mark" icon). We would also like to point out that, on the basis of the requirements of faculties implementing teacher training programs, a new entry "Students in teacher training" was added to IS HAP submission form, where the academic staff member will indicate the number of students in academic year 2017/2018. The item of Internship Coordinator at the department remains in the form, but applies now only to other types of student internship done outside UP (e.g. in companies or government institutions).

Should you run into any problems with IS HAP such as wrong category of employee or other technical difficulties, you may contact

For evaluation of other employees (administrative, technical positions and other staff), unfortunately, as in previous years, a printed version of the questionnaire will be required. It is available for download at in Other Forms entitled "Evaluation of other employees". Deliver completed and signed forms to the HR and Payroll Department where they will be archived. Evaluation of all employees for 2018 should be completed by 5. 5. 2019.

Days of brain
How to understand communication of neurons and what lies inside our brain? Find out in an interactive program on March 16 - 17 at the Stronghold of Knowledge. The team of the popularization center has prepared activities for everyone who likes brainstorming, quizzes, optical deceit and also wants to learn how to train memory or get rid of stress. The program starts at 10 am and ends at 5 pm. For more details, visit

UP Foundation
Thanks to the Palacký University Foundation, 35 students from all faculties could realize their scientific or creative project. The fund has announced a 5th call, which will again support the artistic and research projects of students of Master and Doctoral study programs with international overlap. Please let your talented students know about this opportunity. Learn more here. Contact: Katrin Stark, e-mail:

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