Introductory word

The Faculty of Science has a newly elected Academic Senate for 2020–2023. Its members were due to Covid-19 pandemic for the first time elected via online voting. The self-governing representative body is formed by 14 newly elected academics and 7 students.

Academic staff elected by study fields:

Mathematics and Computer Science
RNDr. Tomáš Fürst, Ph.D.
doc. Mgr. Michal Botur, Ph.D.

prof. RNDr. Tomáš Opatrný, Dr.
prof. Mgr. Jaromír Fiurášek, Ph.D.

doc. RNDr. Miroslav Soural, Ph.D.
doc. RNDr. Lenka Luhová, Ph.D.

Biology and Ecology
doc. RNDr. Vladan Ondřej, Ph.D.
prof. RNDr. Martin Fellner, Ph.D.

Earth Science
doc. RNDr. Irena Smolová, Ph.D.
RNDr. Miloš Fňukal, Ph.D.

Elected according to number of votes:
Mgr. Lukáš Richterek, Ph.D.
doc. RNDr. Marek Jukl, Ph.D.
doc. Mgr. Karel Lemr, Ph.D.
doc. RNDr. Petr Bednář, Ph.D.

Students elected by study fields:

Mathematics and Computer Science
Mgr. Viktorie Nesrstová

Mgr. Aleš Stejskal

Mgr. Kamil Kotrle

Biology and Ecology
Bc. Ludmila Včelařová

Earth Science
Mgr. Lucia Brisudová

Elected according to number of votes:
Dominik Hlubek
Šimon Bräuer

Science and Research

Czech-Bavarian projects
The Czech-Bavarian Higher Education Agency has announced two extraordinary grant programs for scientists and teachers of Bavarian universities to cooperate with universities and research institutions in the Czech Republic. Bavarian universities can thus apply for funding for short-term or just-starting Czech-Bavarian projects aimed at:

• the covid-19 pandemic and its consequences for science and society;
• digital formats in science and teaching.

Applications can be submitted by July 20, 2020 or until funds have been exhausted, both extraordinary grant calls are open to projects from all disciplines. More information here.

Second coronavirus call for show of interest H2020-SC1
The Technology Center of the ASCR has informed about the announcement of the call of EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020.

The call includes 5 topics related to Coronavirus:

  • Repurposing of manufacturing for vital medical supplies and equipment, Project type: Innovation action
  • Behavioural, social and economic impacts of the outbreak response, Project type: Research and Innovation action
  • Networking of existing EU and international cohorts of relevance to COVID-19, Project type: Coordination and support action
  • Medical technologies, Digital tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics to improve surveillance and care at high Technology Readiness Levels (TRL), Project type: Innovation action
  • Pan-European COVID-19 cohorts, Project type: Research and Innovation action

The deadline for submitting project proposals is June 11, 2020. More information on the conditions of the call will be provided by Ms. RNDr. Monika Vrajová, Ph.D. from the Technology Center of the ASCR.

Announcement of a public tender TA CR
The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, has announced the third public tender to support applied research, experimental development and innovation in the field of the environment - Environment for Life, sub-program 1 - Operational research in the public interest. The aim of this sub-program is to simplify and streamline public administration and to improve environmental management and regulation.

The general goal of the Environment for Life program is to bring new solutions in the field of the environment, stabilize and expand the knowledge base, which will significantly contribute to ensuring a healthy and good-quality environment in the Czech Republic, as well as sustainable use of its resources and minimize negative impacts of human activities on the environment.

The results of the supported projects are to help gain new knowledge not only to the Ministry of the Environment, but also to other environmental protection bodies at national, regional and municipal levels. More information about the tender can be found here. Deadline for submission of project proposals at PrF UP is no later than July 20, 2020.

If you are interested in submitting a project proposal, contact Ing. Ivana Saitzová, e-mail:

ICT for Resilient, Safe and Secure Society
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) has announced the 7th joint call within the European Interest Group for Cooperation with Japan on "ICT for Resilient, Safe and Secure Society". The 7th joint call is based on the global need to explore new, innovative and improved ways in ICT to address the various risks and threats that exist at the crossroads of cyberspace and physical space, in order to contribute to the goal of building a secure society resilient to risks and threats. Each project consortium must consist of at least three project partners - one from Japan and two from different European countries participating in this call. You can find a list of countries and more information about the call here. The call ends on July 17, 2020, the contact person is Miriam Delongová from dept. of science and research (

GA CR - new measures for projects implemented in 2020
In connection with the global restrictions against the spread of COVID-19, and in an effort to improve the situation for project investigators supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GA CR), the GA CR Board approved another set of interim measures for grant project solution.

The measures concern the following areas:

Eligible costs in 2020
•Travel costs
• Postponed conferences

• Increasing the limit for changing the total work capacity of a team without a request
• Reduction of the limit of minimum hours of members of the EXPRO project team in 2020

Postponement of evaluation / extension of project solution
• Postponement of the evaluation of final reports
• Extension of project solution time

Confirmation of completion of doctoral studies in JUNIOR STAR projects
• Postponement of the deadline for submitting a confirmation of completion of doctoral studies for JUNIOR STAR grant projects

Previously adopted measures are published on this link.

International and outer University Information

Fulbright program
We would like to draw your attention to the deadlines of Fulbright Commission scholarships for academic year 2021/22 and offer further news from our activities.

September 1, 2020 and February 1, 2021 - Fulbright Graduate Program for Research and study stays of students
October 1, 2020 - Fulbright Specialist Program, under which you can invite an expert from the USA for a short stay 2-6 weeks
November 1, 2020 - Fulbright core program
November 1, 2020 - Fulbright-Masaryk program in junior and senior categories of researchers and lecturers

From January 2021, you can invite Fulbright Fellows, who will be staying in Europe during the shortened academic year 20/21, as part of Inter-country travel for a one-more day hosting. Their overview will be available later at

Of course, you can also invite Fulbright scholarship holders who will be in the Czech Republic next academic year to attend lectures. Due to the postponement of the start of all programs to January 2021, the current profiles of scholarship holders will be available later at

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, 2021/2022 is planned in full and in traditional dates. Since we cannot present the programs in person at regular presentations, we would like to invite all those interested in scholarships to the online zoom webinar:

For students and Fulbright-Masaryk juniors, i.e. those interested after completing the bachelor's and before completing the doctoral degree program: June 4, 2020 from 4 p.m.

For applicants in scientific programs Fulbright Core and Fulbright-Masaryk postdoc and senior, i.e. for those who have already completed doctoral degree programs: June 24, 2020 from 4 p.m.

If interested please register here.

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate of the Faculty of Science will meet for the first time in a new composition on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 (the mandate of the current Senate ends on September 14, and the new mandate begins on September 15).

Study matters

Study - current situation
Current information about teaching, exams, etc. can be found on the following website:

Contact with employees at the Study department
The study department is reopened during standard office hours with several restrictions: Ing. Jana Camfrlová will be present only on Tuesday and Thursday, Mgr. Marcela Chytilová always in the morning office hours. Mgr. Martina Karásková is still only available via e-mail.

We continue to ask students to process applications preferably by e-mail with their study assistant. It is also possible to close the study before the final state exams via e-mail.

Closing of the year before final state examinations
We draw the attention of graduate students to the obligation to close the year before the final examination. The year must be closed no later than three weeks before the exam´s deadline, by e-mail to your study assistant.

Deadline for fulfillment of study obligations
The deadline for fulfilling study obligations from academic year 2019/2020 has been postponed until September 15, 2020. You can also apply for an extension of study until the same date.

Graduation ceremony
The original date of graduation ceremony has been cancelled due to the current situation, graduations will probably take place in November. If you have already registered for graduation, paid the fee and you are no longer interested in the ceremony, we will refund the fee, just inform your study assistant. You can pick up your diplomas from your clerk by prior e-mail agreement.

Doctoral student evaluations
We ask students of doctoral study programs to submit an evaluation for academic year 2019/2020 by June 30, 2020. The assessment must be signed by the student as well as the supervisor and must include a written opinion of the supervisor as to whether / not they recommend advancement to the next year. Even after submitting the evaluation, the student can complete the subjects he / she has enrolled in stag until September 15, 2020. After September 15, a check will be made on the fulfillment of the conditions for advancement to the next year.

Students of the fourth and higher years, together with the evaluation, submit an application for the extension of studies. The application must also include the statement and signature of the supervisor.

Faculty Operation

Securing the supply of alcohol
The Faculty of Science will purchase alcohol from Tereos TDD, Kojetín branch. We are currently waiting for the order to be signed by the seller's company and we will then ensure its publication. Only one order will be concluded on behalf of the Faculty of Science, which supply both campuses. The expected effect of the order is May 25 - December 31, 2020,  from September 30 a new price list will apply (an addendum to the order will be concluded). From January 1, 2021, a new order will be secured.

Starting May 25 2020, please contact the staff of the Building Administration with your requirements for the supply of alcohol, who will arrange pick-up in the distillery and road transport.

Envelopa campus
Jana Frantíková, tel. 731 648 125, e-mail: (send a copy to

Holice campus
Milan Labounek, tel. 734 864 866, e-mail: (send a copy to and

The minimum consumption of one type of alcohol in the distillery is 200 l, so we decided to buy barrels with a volume of 220 l in the Envelope area, in which the alcohol will be transported and subsequently stored. Alcohol will be dispensed into your containers by prior arrangement. Building administration employees will keep accurate records of deliveries, transport and consumption.

Transportation will be provided by RUP car. Communication with the head of the car operation will be provided by Building administration employees.The maximum possible volume transported by road is 300 l of combustibles / alcohol (for larger quantities, road transport does not have the necessary permits, staff training and mandatory equipment in the vehicle for transport). Based on an agreement with the head of the car operation, the transport will be provided gradually for a maximum of 300 liters. SB employees will arrange everything with Tereos TDD and the truck carrier.

Tereos company will issue invoices immediately after each collection in Kojetín. RUP road transport will issue an internal invoice. The liquidation of invoices will be provided by the staff of the PrF Building Administration. The costs will be covered from NS3911, SPP 9931006121, source 30. Subsequently, it will be allocated to individual workplaces according to the amount of alcohol actually taken and an aliquot amount for transport.

The first internal cost transfer will probably take place in October, for the period from the entry into force of the order until September 30 (in case you want to apply the costs earlier, e.g. for purposes of a project, let us know that we will process the data in time).


From the beginning of the new academic year there will be a new bistro on 6th floor. Spaghetteria has ended the cooperation with the Faculty.

Summer day camps
Fort Science also offers summer day camps to experiment, discover, decipher, paint, compete, laugh, run as well as relax with the view of the starry sky. Selection of camps is available here.

Opening of vacation site in Karlov
From May 25, 2020, the Faculty of Science reopens its recreational facility in Karlov pod Pradědem. The building offers 6 rooms with a total capacity of 20 beds. PrF employees and their family members get a discount. If you are interested, you will find detailed information on the accommodation offer at There is also a booking form available, which shows the current availability.

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