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Dear Colleagues, dear students,

due to the current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic, we assume that it will be necessary to remain exclusively with online teaching at least until the end of March. We are aware that such teaching is not a full-fledged replacement for regular face-to-face education. Moreover, classes in laboratories of experimental study programs at the Faculty of Science, currently cannot be carried out at all.

We regularly monitor government resolutions that set restrictions on teaching at universities in the Czech Republic. If it is possible to start full-time laboratory teaching at least in a limited number of people, we will inform you on our website. We ask teachers and students for patience and helpfulness.

Jan Říha
Vice-Dean for Study matters

Science and research

On January 29, 2021, a call entitled "Standardised measurement, monitoring and / or biomarkers to study food intake, physical activity and health (STAMIFY)" was launched under the "Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Living" (HDHL) Joint Programming Initiative. The full text of this call, including the list of participating countries, funding organizations, timetable, definition of key objectives, areas supported and expected impacts, can be found on the HDHL website.

  • The deadline for the submission of "pre-proposals" - has been set for March 31, 2021
  • The deadline for the submission of "full project proposals" has been set for July 22, 2021

Contact person: Miriam Delongová, e-mail: Faculty deadline for "pre-proposals" is March 25, 2021.

Information campaign - Get involved in Horizon Europe
The Technology Center of the ASCR under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports would like to invite you to watch the Information Campaign in the Horizon Europe - GET INVOLVED IN THE HORIZON EUROPE program. The information campaign will take place from March 8-11, 2021 online. Under the following link you will find program of the event, which contains information for registration and instructions for those interested in participating. It is possible to register only for selected blocks or for all blocks at once. Also available at

International and non-university matters

Scholarship stays in Slovakia
Slovakia offers 10 scholarship places for study stays for students of Master and Doctoral study programs. The length of stay varies between 3 to 10 months, the amount of the scholarship for MSP students is EUR 280 per month, for DSP students EUR 330 per month. Academics and researchers can apply for one of five scholarship places for lecture or research stays. The length of stay is 2 weeks and the amount of the scholarship is EUR 550 per month (i.e. EUR 225 for 2 weeks). Applicants must submit applications by February 19 by e-mail to

The required documents are:

Scholarship stays in Germany
German Federal Foundation for the Environment - DBU offers research stays with scholarships in the Federal Republic of Germany to young researchers in the field of the environment up to 3 years after graduation. The deadline for applications is March 5, 2021.

The scholarship program supports 6 - 12 months stays at German professional workplaces - at universities, companies, research institutes, non-governmental organizations, authorities, etc. Applicants can choose the place of the scholarship stay or the DBU will help them arrange it according to the applicant's professional interest. Interviews with scholarship applicants will take place in April 2021 (depending on the current epidemiological situation in person or online). The stay will start in the second half of August and the scholarship holder will receive € 1,250 per month. The scholarship stay begins in Osnabrück with a 4-week intensive German language course, which takes place in small international groups according to the language skill level. The application can be submitted in German or English.

Further information on the scholarship and the conditions for applying can be found at In case of further questions, contact Miroslav Bauer, e-mail:, tel.: 605 147 070 or Kristýna Rybová, email:, tel.: 603 140 199.

Academic Senate

The upcoming meeting of the Academic Senate of the Faculty will take place on April 7 at 1:00pm.

Study matters

Opening hours of the study department
The study department has fully re-opened according to its standard office hours.

New study assistant
Ms. Agnes Hausknotzová will be taking over the agenda of Ms. Jana Camfrlová at the study department. She will be in charge of Bachelor's as well as follow-up Master studies in the field of Physics and partly Chemistry (to the same extent as Ms. Camfrlová). E-mail:, phone 585 634 050.

Schedule adjustments
Minor adjustments to the schedule in the summer semester can be made at the study department by March 15.

Study plans for the academic year 2020/2021
Lists of lectures (study plans) for academic year 2020/2021 are located on the faculty's website.

Registration of courses in SS 2020/2021
Course registration for the summer semester of academic year 2020/2021 for Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral study programs for students of the Faculty of Science takes place until February 22, 2021. Detailed information is available at:

Student trips abroad and international affairs
The departments should note that all student trips abroad have to be reported to Mrs. Gronychová, e-mail: otherwise, the trip will not be recorded in STAG and will not be displayed on the Diploma Supplement.

All foreign study matters also fall within the competence of Mrs. Gronychová (student stays abroad, internships abroad, study programmes in English, Erasmus+ KA103, KA107, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, Learning Agreements, international agreements, diploma recognitions). The only exceptions are doctoral students awarded with the Fischer scholarship and the English version of the faculty website, which are in charge of Mrs. Waleria Słowiková, e-mail:

Student ambassador
We would like to offer students participation in a student program - career ambassadors in the EU, the aim of which is to increase awareness among UP students about career opportunities in EU institutions. The selected student at UP will for a period of 1 year (i.e. from October 2021 to September 2022) promote career opportunities in EU institutions, provide information on competitions, help with promotion of specialized competitions, or take part in events organized by the Ministry of the Interior (MV) or the Eurocentre at selected universities in Prague as well as in other regions.

A suitable candidate is an active student who, for the period when he will act as a career ambassador for EU institutions, will be enrolled to study at UP and does not plan a stay abroad. In order to fulfill his/her mission as best he/she can, they will take part in a seminar organized in October 2021, organized by the ministries involved, i.e. EPSO institute or the Ministry of Interior, where they will obtain all the necessary information. The seminar will take place in Brussels (online) or in Prague and travel costs will be reimbursed to the participants by EPSO or the Ministry.

Within this program, the student will improve not only in language skills, but also improve their presentation and communication skills, which are currently highly valued in the labor market as well as obtain contacts for student ambassadors from other member states. Students can apply by March 14, 2021 to email: with an attached application in English.

Operation of the Faculty

Dormitory and canteen management
As of February 1, 2021, Ing. Bc. Libor Kolář became the new Head of Dormitory and canteen management.

On February 1, 2021, another FreshUP bistro was opened at the Faculty of Law. With regard to the epidemiological situation, it is currently possible to order "only" in the so-called "take-away" mode, from 7:30 to 2:30. The same opening hours apply to all other FreshUP bistros at Palacký University.


Czechitas Award
The Czechitas Thesis Award is intended for all female students for the best bachelor's thesis in IT, who have successfully defended a bachelor's thesis on a topic related to IT in the previous year. The aim of the competition is to draw attention to gifted young ladies passionate about IT, to help them implement their projects with the support of experts from practice, and at the same time to show other girls and young women how interesting topics they can deal with. You can apply on this website by February 28, 2021.

Fort Science
Fort Science has prepared an update of school programs and other popularization activities for kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers. It is possible to apply for individual school programs through the reservation system. More information here.

Fort Science regularly brings inspirational tips, chemical experiments and interesting instructions on its website, which parents with children can try at home. Try it and you will see that you will enjoy it!

The popular event Olomouc Physical Kaleidoscope for high school students took place on Friday, January 22 this year. You can find a look back at this event here.

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