Employee Care

Social fund

The rules for creation and use of the Social Fund are set by a Directive of the Rector (available in Czech). The Directive is followed by the methodological guideline on the provision of allowances, gifts and returnable loans from the UP social fund (available in Czech). The provision of allowances, gifts and returnable loans from the social fund of the UP Faculty of Science regulates the Dean's decision, which is available on the Official Notice Board of the faculty.
Employees can benefit from supplementary pension insurance, private and life insurance, contribution toward cultural and sporting events, rehabilitation, vitamins and vaccinations, catering allowance under defined conditions. Presents for life and work jubilees, and non-interest-bearing loans to overcome difficult financial situation are paid from this fund. More information can be found here.


Additional benefits for UP staff outside the social fund resulting from partnership contracts are addressed by the Department of Care of UP Staff. The offer of external partners and information on discounts for UP staff in university facilities can be found at:

The Faculty of Science has concluded a Framework Agreement on Cooperation in Real Estate and Intermediation Services with DACHI Real estate agency (hereinafter referred to as the "RK"). Under this agreement, the RK offers the following services to students and employees of the Faculty of Science on preferential terms upon presentation of a student or staff card:

  • mediation of renting and selling of real estate
  • prioritization of FS clients in the case of more customers interested in real estate services
  • offering affordable housing comparable with dormitories
  • 5% discount on the services offered
  • free financial advice including loan and mortgage settlement

If you are interested in using the services, you can contact marcela.kummerova@dachi.cz or 774 322 461. Personal visit of RK DACHI is possible at address Ztracená 34, Olomouc. It is always necessary to state that this is an employee or a student at the Faculty of Science and provide a student or employee identity card.

For children of employees

Events for children of employees

Children's Day with Nature

For the third time, the Faculty of Science has organized games and entertainment for the children of its employees on the occasion of Children's Day celebrations. Puzzles, tasks related to physical skills or memory games are prepared for the little participants. There has been a bouncy castle, face-painting or balloons in shape of all kinds of animals. Every year, with permission of parents, we take pictures of the children of the FS UP, and put them on a bulletin board, which is permanently placed on the faculty's 1st floor.


Kindergarten of Palacký University Olomouc is a kindergarten for children of university employees, Ph.D. students, and the public. It started its activity on February 1, 2012. The facility is registered in the Register of School Legal Entities. Kindergarten facilities are located on the premises of J. V. Fischer dormitory on Šmeralova 10. It has its own fenced garden overlooking Morava river.
The kindergarten is divided into 2 classes with a capacity of 50 children, usually aged 3 to 6 years. Fully qualified pedagogical staff of nursery schools works with children in close cooperation with other Palacký University experts. For more information visit their website (in Czech).
Palacký University's Kindergarten was created with the support of the project of the Operational Program Human Resources and Employment entitled "University Kindergarten and Pre-School Club" with Reg. No. CZ 1.04 / 3.4.04 / 54.00192.


The faculty supports the education of the faculty's staff within their specializations. Further education takes place in the area of soft skills, management skills, computer skills, language training, etc. There is also training in team cooperation through organized outdoor team-building activities.
In terms of language training, the Department of Foreign Languages offers year-round courses for employees of the Faculty of Science.

Language courses

At FS UP there is an offer of English courses focused on the development of language skills in the general or academic sphere and courses of Czech language for foreigners. Teaching is organized and provided by the Department of Foreign Languages. All courses start in the´ first week of the winter semester and end in the last week of the summer semester. Lessons usually take 90 minutes and take place once a week. The current range of English courses is available on the department's website.

Doctoral students also have the opportunity to take part in the weekly intensive English language course, which is designed as a methodological-language preparation for the mandatory PGSAJ exam.
The Department of Foreign Languages offers Czech for foreigners for employees and Ph.D. students of the Faculty of Science.

Social events

An important social event is the traditional so-called POSPOS, a post-semestral gathering, which presents a pleasant end to each semester for the staff of the Faculty of Science. It is always held in June and December. The event is also attended by seniors of the faculty.

The Ball of the Faculty of Science UP has been organized for decades and is one of the most important social events attended not only by students and faculty members, but also by other students from the university, collaborating organizations and the general public. The venues for this social event used to be premises of the NH Collection Olomouc Congress hotel and Regional Center in Olomouc. However, now the ball takes place at the Clarion Congress Hotel Olomouc. For more information visit the website of the ball (in Czech).

We have added a new event to the traditional ones called “Mikulášská nadílka” on St. Nicholas´s Day. St. Nicholas, accompanied by an angel and devil, will bring about some diversion to hard work at the end of the year not only to the staff of the Faculty of Science but also to the students.

Sports activities

Fans of ball games (soccer, volleyball, basketball, football) or tennis can play on the multipurpose court located on the premises of the Faculty of Science in Holice on Šlechtitelů 27. Entrance for employees, students, seniors and alumni is free of charge. The multipurpose court is open Monday–Sunday (anytime). The keys from the court and other necessary equipment may be picked up at the gatehouse in Holice ( 585 634 960, 734 391 909).

Table tennis enthusiasts can find a ping-pong table in front of the rear elevators on the side of the classrooms on the ground floor of the main faculty building on 17. listopadu, 12.

Employees can also take advantage of the wide range of sports activities offered by the Academic Sports Center and the Baluo Application Center.