Important information regarding the projects

Projects administration at the Department of Project Support (DPS, in Czech OPP), practical information for project researchers, etc.

Projects administration of the Department of Project Support FS UP

The Department of Project Support (DPS - 3905) supports submitting projects at the Faculty of Science UP. It provides consultations and ensures administration associated with the project within the UP records. In case of any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact the staff who will gladly help with the agenda.

The following procedures generally applies to projects:

I. Project submission administration

If the project proponent is from the Faculty of Science (FS), the submission of the project to the provider (GA CR, TA CR, ministries, etc.) must be done through the DPS of the Faculty of Science. If an employee of the FS is a co-proponent and the project is submitted by another organization (institution, company), it is necessary to inform the DPS about this fact.

II. Procedure after obtaining the project

  1. The DPS should be informed that the project has been supported.
  2. Before being signed by the Rector or Vice-Rector, all project contracts (provider/grant, co-investigator, consortium contracts, amendments etc.) must pass through the DPS, which will ensure these signatures.
  3. Both yellow and pink request forms (in Czech) have to be submitted to sign the project contract.
  4. The final version of the contract (i.e. the contract signed by all participants) has to be immediately handed over to the DPS, which will ensure the insertion of the contract or amendment into CES – Central record of UP contracts (in Czech), and will inform the submitter of the contract about the insertion into CES. After inserting the contract into CES (in accordance with the wording of the request form), the contract is published in the Register of Contracts of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic (in Czech), from where the submitter of the contract is notified by e-mail of the date of publication in this register. The same applies to amendments to contracts.
  5. DPS points out that the contracts take effect on the date of their publication in the Register of Contracts.
  6. Registration of the contract (contracts and amendmens to projects) in CES is the responsibility of the faculty employee, key user – Mgr. Silvie Šavrňáková, in case of questions, contact by e-mail at or by phone at +420 585 634 011.
  7. General rules and a binding procedure for keeping records of contracts (and amendments) at UP are regulated by the UP Rector's Directive B3-17/5-SR (in Czech).
  8. The originals of contracts and amendments are sent by the DPS for archiving to the Legal Office of the UP Rectorate.
  9. According to the Contracts Register Act, the deadline for sending the contract to the Register of Contracts is a maximum of 30 days from the conclusion of the contract, i.e. from the later date specified next to the signature in the contract. Furthermore, if the contract or amendment is not published in the Register of Contracts no later than three months from the date of the last signature, the contract or amendment shall cease to be valid. Sanctions on the part of the provider may also result.

Project team

Ing. Bc. Tea Pokorná
Project Manager
+420 585 634 051

Horizon Europe, MEYS projects, OP Jan Amos Komenský (OP JAK), OP Environment, IROP - ITI Olomouc Agglomeration, The International Visegrad Fund, Interreg

Mgr. Silvie Šavrňáková
Project Officer
+420 585 634 011

CES, TA ČR projects, projects of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (OPEIC, OP TAC, National Recovery Plan), Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Finance (EEA and Norway grants), Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Czech Development Agency)

Mgr. Ľubica Korcanová
Project Officer
+420 585 634 051

The Czech Science Foundation (GA CR) projects, projects of the Ministry of Health, Palacký University junior projects, IGA

Ing. Libor Hájek
Communication and Marketing Officer
+420 585 634 076
+420 602 755 560

Administrative and contractual support of contract research orders (including licensing) and in obtaining grant support for cooperation with companies or in the processing commercially promising science and research results, administration of intellectual or industrial property of new scientific and research results in accordance with the UP directive

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