Current Students

General Information

Teaching can take the form of lectures, seminars, exercises, practices, consultations, courses, excursions, field exercises, professional practice etc. according to study plans.

Study literature can be borrowed from the department libraries, the central library in the Armoury (Zbrojnice) or the Research Library. The loan period can be found in the relevant libraries and on the website. Some study literature can be bought in the script shop located in the Armoury (websites in Czech) or their eshop (websites in Czech). Students can also use electronic information resources of UP.

Current information on study matters are published on the notice board of the Student Affairs Office in the faculty building (17. listopadu 12), on the faculty’s website and in the Newsletter of the Faculty of Science UP. Information from the departments are available on each department’s notice boards and websites. Similarly, information concerning all university students can be found on the university website.

Each student is obliged to use the university email address for official communication. This address is generated after the student’s enrolment. Information about using the university email is available on the UP Portal.

For general information for international students, such as visas, IT or medical care, check our Student guide or the websites of the university's International Relations Office.

Practical Advice

  • Don't forget to study thoroughly all the important study rules
    Above all, check the Study and Examinations Code and the Disciplonary Code for Students. Likewise, don't forget the faculty's internal regulations and standards, as well as Student Accomodation Rules. Ignorance is no excuse.
  • Greet (not only) your teachers
    Even if they sometimes don't answser you.
  • Behave yourself in the Student Affairs Office
    Also, don't go there unnecessarily. Find out what you need in advance and whether it is not within someone else's competence.
  • Leave the cheat sheets at home
    Here you are not only in danger of a confiscated test, but also of disciplinary proceedings. This also applies to plagiarism, which the university can detect.
  • Keep an eye on the schedule of the academic year
    You will know by when you should have everything done, when there are days of sport, May Festival or other interesting events.
  • Rely primarily on yourself
    No one will lead you by the hand here anymore. You have to watch the message boards and necessary facts for survival yourself.
  • Check your deadlines
  • Count your credits right at the beginning of the academic year
    Check how many do you need, where to get them, which courses to do in winter and which in summer semester. Worst case scenario: what will you catch up next year.
  • Be careful about your absences
    Lectures are mostly optional, in seminars usually 25% absence per semester is tolerated, sometimes not even that.


How many credits do I have to have per year?
The minimum for continuation to the next year is 40 and at the same time the maximum is 90. The maximum number also includes recognized credits from previous studies. In total with the previous year, you must achieve at least 80 credits (however, this does not apply to the last academic year of the standard study period).

How many times can I repeat the exam?
In addition to a regular exam date, you are entitled to two additional re-sittings. The second re-sitting, however, is always a board examination (with an examination committee, in written or oral form).

I failed the exam for the third time. What else can I do?
If it is a compulsory course (category A), you have to register it again the following year. You do not have to re-register the compulsory elective (category B) and optional (category C) courses. However, you must meet the credit limit set for that block of credits.

I would like to extend my studies.
The study can be extended in the third year of Bachelor's study, second year of Follow-up Master's study and fourth year of Doctoral study. You have to fill in the general request form and give a proper reason for the extension. (Without it your request can be disapproved and you may be expelled.) In case of doctoral students, the request has to be signed by the student, the supervisor and the chairman of the Subject-Area Board of the student's study programme.

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Follow-up Master Study

The follow-up Master degree programmes usually take two years, and end with the final state examination and the diploma thesis defense. Graduates obtain the academic title of "Master of Arts/Science" (in Czech magistr), abbreviated as "M.A./M.Sc." (in Czech Mgr.).

Plans of study

Plans of study of Folow-up Master Study 2020/2021 (IS STAG).

Plans of study of Folow-up Master Study 2021/2022 (IS STAG).

Doctoral Study

Doctoral study programmes are conducted in full-time or combined form with a study period of four years. Doctoral study ends with the doctoral state examination and the defense of dissertation, by which the student proves his/her ability to work independently. Graduates are awarded the academic title "Doctor", abbreviated as "Ph.D."

Brief decription of activities

Until April 30, 2021 submission of applications for the academic year 2021/2022 (including the topic proposal and the supervisor)
June entrance examinations
First week of September enrollment

By the end of September

submission of the individual study plan;
with your supervisor prepare your plan (containing only accredited courses), have it signed by your supervisor and Chairman of the Subject-area Board and submit it to the Student Affairs Office

Every year before each semester registration of courses;
at the prescribed time for course resgistration register your courses for the following semester in the STAG database
Every year by the end of June submission of evaluation of Ph.D. student;
the supervisor will make an evaluation of his/her student for the past academic year (including the plan for the following year) and submit it to the relevant Student Affairs Officer; for continuing to the next year, you have to obtain the required number of credits;
students of 4th and higher year include the request for extension of studies, if needed
Continuously send the examination record after passing each exam;
the department guaranteeing the given course will enter the evaluation in STAG within 5 working days and will send the record to the Student Affairs Office
Research stay abroad While planning it, contact Mrs. Dana Gronychová. After the stay, deliver her a report on the results of the stay confirmed by the supervisor. Mrs. Gronychová will enter the research stay in STAG.
State doctoral examination At least 2 months before the estimated date of the examination notify your Student Affairs Officer and submit the Application for the state doctoral examination
Dissertation defense At least 3 months before the estimated date of the defense notify your Student Affairs Officer and submit the Application for dissertation defense

Plans of study

Plans of study of Doctoral study 2020/2021 (IS/STAG).

Plans of study of Doctoral study 2021/2022 (IS/STAG).

Research Stay

Research stay abroad – fulfillment conditions and instructions for the course recognition

As a part of the accreditation of all four-year Doctoral study programmes at our faculty there is an obligatory three-month research stay abroad (usual course abbreviations PGST, PGST1, PGS01).
Everything connected with international student mobility falls within the competence of Mrs. Dana Gronychová, so while planning your stay, contact her immediately.

General information

  • Minimum duration: 12 weeks.
  • The stay may consist of several short stays abroad during the whole study with a total duration of at least 12 weeks, however, the length of each stay should be at least one month.
  • The so-called "work stays" can be recognized as a research stay if the work specialization corresponds to the dissertation topic and if the supervisor confirms the benefit of such a stay.
  • Only the stays at foreign research institutes can be recognized; as a part of documentation it is necessary to submit a confirmation from the foreign institution of stay completion.
  • The same rules apply to students of the combined study.
  • Failure to complete the course means failure to fulfill study obligations and thus the impossibility of successful completion of studies.

For the recognition of the stay abroad as a course Research stay it is necessary to:

  • present the application for recognition of the stay to the Vice-Dean for International Relations (for this application use the general request form supplemented by the following information about you:
    • name and surname,
    • department,
    • study programme,
    • form of study,
    • start of study,
    • total duration of all stays,
    • list of all stays (place, date from-to),
    • very brief description of the issues you dealt with,
    • date and your signature);
  • provide the confirmation from the supervisor that he/she considers the stay beneficial;
  • attach the confirmation from the foreign institution in which the stay took place;
  • submit everything to Mrs. Dana Gronychová.

Publishing activities

Students should submit their Application for recognition of publishing activities only when they have met all the conditions for recognition of publication activity.

For students of the current first and second years of doctoral studies, the conditions are given by the new accreditation and by the Provision of the Dean of the Faculty of Science UP, which regulates the structure of doctoral study programmes in credit system within Institutional Accreditation of the faculty (PrF-B-18/04-UZ02, Article 3. d).
For students of third and higher years, the conditions are determined by the current study plan in accordance with the relevant accreditation, either new (see above) or old one (A-14/10/OD, section III.).

Students prove the fulfillment of partial courses from the section (Compulsory) Elective Subjects/Courses - Publication activity (B) by submitting a general request form. The request form shall include:

  • the abbreviation and name of the course,
  • the full title of the article,
  • where was the article published,
  • whether the student is the main author or co-author, or a confirmation of the publication of the article.

If the student has the article in printed form, he/she can submit it together with the request form. The request form is being approved and course fulfillment entered in the STAG by guarantor of the course. Then the student delivers it to the Student Affairs Office.

State Doctoral Examination

You need to apply for the State doctoral examination at least 2 months ahead of the estimated date of the exam.
To your student affairs officer you have to submit:

  • the application for a state doctoral examination, signed by you, your supervisor and the chairman of the Subject-area Board,
  • printed Course of study form with the list of all exams from IS STAG (you have to have a minimum of 180 credits),
  • supervisor's statement,
  • dissertation's annotation printed 7x.

Dissertation Defense

It is necessary to apply for the dissertation defense at least 3 months before the intended date.

Before submitting the application for dissertation defense it is necessary to apply for recognition of publishing activities at the Student Affairs Office. The application must be accompanied by a list of publications – for each of them it is necessary to state an impact factor of the journal, and to add a brief statement, in which the student describes his/her contribution to the publication, signed by the supervisor.

To your student affairs officer you have to submit:

  • the application for dissertation defense,
  • a supervisor's statement as to whether the dissertation meets the requirements for its defense (brief statement on the application and more extensively on a separate A4 document),
  • required number of copies of the dissertation (number of reviewers + 1),
  • dissertation in electronic form,
  • 15x presentation (in Czech: autoreferat) of the thesis + presentation in electronic form (30x in case of study programme Botany),
  • an approved application for recognition of publishing activities.
  • + Upload your dissertation in STAG and fill out the obligatory data. As the "Electronic form of thesis", please, upload your dissertation together with the presentation in one pdf. Consult the Instruction of the rector of UP (or its updated Czech version) + Dean's provision + Dean's directive.

The Student Affairs Office will check the submitted application along with the documents required and ensure their distribution.

The time for writing a reviewer's report is 6 weeks. After receiving all reviewer's reports, the Chairman of the Dissertation Defense Board, in agreement with the student, shall propose to the Dean a time and a place for the Dissertation defense. Reviewer's reports should be available at least 20 days before the date of defense. The announcement of the date of the defense, distribution of decrees and invitations to the members of the examination board shall be ensured by the Student Affairs Office. The exmination board is appointed by the Dean.


The most important provisions concerning all university students are listed in the section
Rights, Obligations & Fees of a student.
For students of the Faculty of Science there are also faculty provisions applicable.

Faculty provisions

Number Title In effect since
A-17/4/SD Directive of the Dean of the Faculty of Science which regulates certain issues of the Study and Examinations Code of UP (hereinafter referred to as "SEC") 09/01/2017
A-15/7/SD Directive of the Dean of the Faculty of Science, which regulates certain provisions of Scholarship Code of UP + Amendment no.1 A-17/9/SD 01/01/2016
A-14/10/OD Provision of the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc of 20. 8. 2014 Regulating Structure of Doctoral Study Programs at the faculty in Credit System 08/20/2014
1/2014 Directive Regulating Acknowledgment of Credits from Foreign Student Mobility 01/13/2014
1/2010 Dean's Provision to Regulate Certain Issues of the Study and Examinations Code of Palacký University and the Rigorous Code of Palacký University 01/01/2010


Information about scholarships are available on the university website.

The conditions for granting scholarships to students enrolled at the Faculty of Science UP are regulated by the Directive of the Dean.

Financial support for students' research stays abroad

Students of doctoral study programmes who plan to go on a compulsory research stay have now the opportunity to receive a financial contribution of CZK 10,000 per month as additional funding for the stay. Students may apply from now until the end of the year 2021. To receive a contribution of CZK 10,000 for one month a student has to:

  • fill out the general request form (form here) and provide details such as: start and end of the stay, the name of the receiving institution, its city and state,
  • sign the application and have it signed by the supervisor,
  • submit the application to Dana Gronychová at foreign relations office in person, by post or scanned to – the application has to be submitted at least one month before the start of the stay.

In exceptional cases students can also apply for a higher contribution, i.e. for more than CZK 10,000. In this case, it is necessary to state a proper justification and have the application signed also by the chairman of the Subject-area Board of the doctoral study programme (see the list of chairmen by study fields; chairman = předseda)

Applications are evaluated and approved by the Vice-Dean for Doctoral Studies (prof. Mgr. Ondřej Bábek, Dr.). The budget for this contribution is limited and may not be awarded to all applicants.

Student Affairs Office

The faculty's Student Affairs Office is located on the ground floor of the building on 17. listopadu 12.
Please, respect the office hours! If you would like to come outside the office hours, please, make a previous appointment by email.