Introductory word

Dear students,  

all up-to-date measures (considering your presence in the faculty premises) valid from 24 May 2021 can be found on the web site Testing of students for covid-19 is now also provided in the building 47 in Holice premises every Monday. Please follow the instructions for testing at testing sites and adhere to the dates (and times) you have booked.

The web site mentioned above also introduces changes in terms for people who are not tested for covid-19. If you have had covid-19, have been vaccinated or 72 hours have not passed since your last test for covid-19, your health insurance company will not refund your test.

Starting Monday, 31 May, the Neředín and Bedřich Václavek dormitories will open new, regular antigen testing dates for students every Monday and Thursday from 3 to 5 pm.

Thank you for your cooperation while reopening full-time classes. 
Kind regards,

Jan Říha
Vice-Dean for Study  

Science and research

Changes at the Project Support Department
The Dean's Office of the Faculty of Science, UP, would like to inform you about organizational and personnel changes at the Project Support Department. As of June 1, 2021, the project management of agencies, ministries and funds will be transferred from the Department of Science and Research to the Department of Project Support. All information can be found on the modified Projects website previously under the name Science or contact the staff of the department directly.

Division of the agenda at Project Support Department:
Mgr. Miriam Delongová ( - projects of GAČR, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (outside OP RDE), Ministry of Health, European funds (Horizon Europe) and junior projects of UP

Ing. Bc. Tea Pokorná ( - National Operational Programs: OP RDE (Support for Mobility at UP II), OP Jan Amos Komenský (OP JAK), OP Technology and Applications for Competitiveness (OP TAK), OP Environment, IROP - ITI Olomouc Agglomeration, MIT (National Recovery Plan), European Funds (Horizon Europe)

Mgr. Silvie Šavrňáková ( - CES, projects TA CR, IGA, Ministries of agriculture, industry, culture, home affairs, finance and the environment

The agenda of the Department of Science and Research, which includes the Scientific Board, habilitation and professorship procedures, the Dean's Award, the Rector's Honorable Mention and publishing activities, remains a responsibility of Bc. Barbora Krudencová ( More information can be found here.

Universal green covering sheet for submitting a project proposal to any provider
We remind you that the submission of a green covering sheet at the Faculty of Science before submitting a project application is binding for all providers (GA CR, TA CR, ministries, funds), whether it is a research or co-research project. The submitter can submit the project proposal only after the approval of the green covering sheet by the management of the Faculty. You will find step-by-step instructions, forms and contacts on the website of the Project Support Department. The department staff will be happy to help with the administration.

Announcement of a one-level public tender for targeted support of the Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Health (MH) has announced a one-level public tender for targeted support of MH, for the solution of health research and development projects fulfilling the announced Program for the support of applied health research for the years 2020 - 2026. Detailed information can be found on the provider's website.

Application forms are available exclusively in the ISVP internet on-line application, if the person interested in submitting the project ("proposer") has not yet set up a user account in ISVP, please contact Mgr. Miriam Delongová (, ext. 4022). Send project proposals generated from the ISVP (they must not be changed in any way - renamed, etc.) to the e-mail by June 24, by 12:00 pm. At the same time, it is necessary to send the completed green covering sheet signed by the proposer and the head of the department by internal mail. The deadline of June 24 is set so that there is enough time for matching the project proposal sent by the data box to the provider with the proposal in the ISVP application (in previous years the pairing did not take place on the first try, project proposals had to be sent repeatedly). Project proposals sent after deadline cannot be guaranteed check.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health points out that the condition for submitting a project proposal to this public tender is the obligation to state the so-called "ORCID ID" for the person of the proposer and co-proposer. Contact person: Mgr. Miriam Delongová (

International and non-university matters

Financial support for students' research stays abroad
Students of doctoral study programmes who plan to go on a compulsory research stay have now the opportunity to receive a financial contribution of CZK 10,000 per month as additional funding for the stay. Students may apply from now until the end of the year 2021. To receive a contribution of CZK 10,000 for one month a student has to:

  • fill out the general request form (form here) and provide details such as: start and end of the stay, the name of the receiving institution, its city and state,
  • sign the application and have it signed by the supervisor,
  • submit the application to Dana Gronychová at foreign relations office in person, by post or scanned to – the application has to be submitted at least one month before the start of the stay.

Students can also apply for a higher contribution, i.e. for more than CZK 10,000. In this case, it is necessary to state a proper justification and have the application signed also by the chairman of the Subject-area Board of the doctoral study programme (see the list of chairmen by study fields).

Applications are evaluated and approved by the Vice-Dean for Doctoral Studies (prof. Mgr. Ondřej Bábek, Dr.). The budget for this contribution is limited and may not be awarded to all applicants.

Taiwan Fellowship
The Academic Information Agency on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic would like to inform you about the offer of Taiwan Fellowship research scholarships for a period of 3 to 12 months at universities in Taiwan. Scholarships are provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to DSP students, postdoctoral fellows, assistant professors, and university teachers in social sciences and humanities with a focus on East Asian studies and sinology. The research stay can start from January 2022.

An online application is submitted on the website of the Center for Chinese Studies in Taipei by June 30, 2021. The scholarship provider offers a financial contribution of $ 50,000 to researchers from DSP students, postdoctoral fellows and teaching assistants, and $ 60,000 to researchers from ranks of associate professors and professors. The scholarship offer is also available on DZS / AIA website.

Scholarships in Japan
The Academic Information Agency, commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, would like to inform you about the offer of prestigious multi-year scholarships to study in Japan starting in 2022 (Research Students). Graduates of all disciplines with at least a Bachelor´s degree may apply for a scholarship from the Japanese government (MEXT) for 18 months (plus 6 months of language training). Successful candidates will begin their scholarship stay in April or October 2022. The amount of the scholarship reaches up to 145,000 YEN per month.

The Japanese government also offers high school graduates, and thus also first-year university students a multi-year scholarships to complete university studies (type "Undergraduate Students"). The total length of study is 4 to 6 years (plus compulsory intensive language training) depending on the field. Successful candidates will begin a scholarship stay in April 2022. The amount of the scholarship is at least 117,000 YEN per month. We recommend that you find out about the conditions for applicants on the website of the Embassy of Japan in the Czech Republic and on the website of the Japanese student service organization JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization), where you will find documents and information materials in English.

Those interested in both types of scholarships submit applications by May 31, 2021. Application with required attachments must be delivered to the address of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, Karmelitská 529/5, 118 12 Prague 1). Successful applicants will be invited to a written test by the Japanese Embassy. You can also find summary information on the DZS / AIA website.

Study matters

Doctoral student evaluations
We ask students of doctoral study programmes to submit an evaluation for academic year 2020/2021 by June 30, 2021. The evaluation has to be signed by the student as well as the supervisor and has to include a written assessment of the supervisor as to whether or not he/she recommends the advancement to the next year. Even after submitting the evaluation, the student can complete the subjects he/she has enrolled at in STAG until September 6, 2021. After September 6, a check will be made on the fulfillment of the conditions for advancement to the next year.

Students of the fourth and higher years, together with the evaluation, submit an application for the extension of studies. The application must also include the statement and signature of the supervisor.

Closing of the year before final state examinations
We would like to inform students of the 3rd year of Bachelor's and the 2nd year of follow-up Master's study to the obligation to close the year before taking final state examination. The year must be closed no later than three weeks before the date of the final examination / thesis defense. Closing of the year can be done by e-mail. After fulfilling the study obligations, contacts your study assistant.

Graduation ceremony
Graduation ceremonies will probably take place (depending on the epidemiological situation) from July 12-16, 2021. For students who will graduate after June 21, ceremony will take place in November (depending on the epidemiological situation). Candidates can apply to their study assistants upon successful completion of their state exams. The organization of graduations is subject to epidemiological measures, i.e. 50% of the capacity of the hall, presenting a negative test for covid, etc.

Doctoral state examination and dissertation defense
When submitting the dissertation or the application for doctoral state examination, it is necessary to observe the deadlines specified on the website under the doctoral study.

Deadline for fulfillment of study obligations
The deadline for fulfilling study obligations has not changed for the time being and still remains on September 6, 2021.

Extension of study
Students of the 3rd year of Bachelor's and 2nd year of follow-up Master's study who do not fulfill all study obligations this academic year, i.e. will not complete the year before Final state exam/ final thesis defense by September 6, 2021, must deliver a written application to the Study department by September 6 in order to extend their studies.

English course for PGS students
The Department of Foreign Languages ​​organizes the annual Intensive English Course for PGS students, which will take place from June 21-24. The course is designed as preparation for the format of the compulsory (compulsory optional) exam VCJ / PGSAJ, VCJ / PGAJ English for Doctoral study. There are still a few vacancies, do not hesitate and in case of interest contact us at

SURAO Summer School
The Administration of Radioactive Waste Repositories organizes  SURAO Summer School from August 23-27, 2021. The topic is: Selection of sites for the Deep Repository of Radioactive Waste. You can find more information on our website.

Faculty operation

Employee testing
According to the current measure, as of 24 March, only those employees who have tested negative for the presence of covid-19 in the past 7 days will be allowed entry to UP offices and other university premises. Mandatory testing will not apply to those employees who:

1. perform their work outside UP premises, or have agreed with their employer to work from home;
2. have already had covid-19 and it has been within 180 days from their first positive test, they have to provide laboratory confirmation of this;
3. have already been vaccinated against covid-19 and can provide a certificate that  

  • it has been at least 22 days since the application of the first dose (of the two-dose vaccine), but not longer than 90 days if the second dose has not been applied,
  • it has been at least 22 days since the application of the first dose (of the two-dose vaccine), but not longer than 9 months if the second dose has been applied, or 
  • it has been at least 14 days since the application of the dose (of the one-dose vaccine), but not longer than 9 months, and the person does not show any symptoms of covid-19;

4. have been tested at any other official test site and can provide a certification not older than 72 hours. 

For the cases 2 – 4 the certificates are to be submitted and registered at the relevant workplace (departments, etc.). Health insurance companies do not refund testing to people belonging to groups 2 and 3 or people tested in shorter period than 72 hours.


Opening of recreational facility in Karlov
On May 24, the Faculty of Science reopened its recreational facility in Karlov pod Pradědem. There are 6 bedrooms and accommodates a total of 20 guests. PrF employees and their family members have a special discount. If you are interested, you will find detailed information at, where you can directly make a reservation.

Be active with Palacký University
The Academic Sports Center has prepared a rich sports program for June 9, 2021. You can take part in a badminton tournament, a boating trip, a volleyball tournament, small football, a beach-volleyball tournament or archery. The organizers also prepared disc golf, slackline, speedminton, ringo, frisbee, croquet, pétanque, kubb, mölki and a bouncy castle for children. Details can be found on the Academic Sports Center website.

Benefits for employees
We would like to inform you about current discounts and benefits of employees.

  • Karlova Studánka Mountain Spa
    We have renewed the contract with Karlova studánka Mountain Spa for 2021. The partner offers a 15% discount on admission to the pool complex, whirlpool and salt cave and a 10% discount on hotel-type accommodation. These discounts cannot be cumulated with other discounts. Discounts do not apply to already discounted stays and other discounted events.
  • Intellego - educational agency
    The Intellego educational agency, which organizes trainings and seminars focused on accounting, taxes, human resources, soft and managerial skills, provides all UP employees with a 15% discount on all educational programs from its offer.
  • Balance coaching
    Blanka Orságová, personal and life coach provides a 15% discount on one-time coaching and on already discounted packages. Coaching and counseling can be provided online and in person. More about the benefit.
  • Raiffeisenbank
    The bank offers a Smart Account with free management and an Active Account for CZK 19 per month with unlimited cash withdrawals from ATMs of all banks around the world. A novelty is the launch of the so-called Instant Card, which will allow the card to be uploaded to Google Pay or Apple Wallet, and immediately after opening an account, the client can use the card for contactless payments at merchants, on the Internet or ATM withdrawals. You can find out more about discounted services for UP employees in the enclosed leaflet.

All benefits provided by university facilities and other external partners can be found on the University's website in the Employees - Benefits section.

Olomouc is alive (again) - the largest music festival in the streets
The Olomouc alive (again) initiative is preparing an unprecedented music event with the support of Palacký University. More than 50 musicians will perform in various places in Olomouc. They will be singing and dancing on Horní náměstí, náměstí Republiky, Žerotínova náměstí, in Riegrova, Ostružnická, Ztracená, Mahlerova and Denisova streets and many other places on Friday, June 4, from 6 pm to 10 pm. More on Facebook.

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