Introductory word

Dear colleagues, dear students,

another academic year is over. Thank you all for your hard and honest work, for everything you have done for the Faculty of Science. I appreciate it very much and I believe that we will manage the upcoming academic year together again.

Have a nice summer,

Martin Kubala

Science and Research

MEYS – Announcement of a public tender in the INTER-EXCELLENCE II program, INTER-ACTION subprogram (LUAUS23) - bilateral projects CR-USA

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) has announced a public tender in research, development and innovation LUAUS23 – bilateral projects between the Czech Republic and the USA within I-E II (2021-2029). The intention of LUAUS23 is to select joint research projects in the category of basic research, industrial research and experimental development, with a focus on all scientific fields. The solution period for supported projects is set at 3-5 years. Evidence of the intention of cooperation between the Czech applicant and his American partner in solving the research project will be documented by the applicant in the appendix to the project proposal “Letter of Intent”. The competition period, in which project proposals can be submitted (applicants' applications for targeted support), begins on June 9, 2022 and ends on July 25, 2022. Faculty deadline for delivery of a completed “zelená košilka” form (in Czech) and brief information about the project to the Department of Project Support to Ing. Tea Pokorná is July 18, 2022. The evaluation period will run from July 26 to November 30, 2022. Documents on the tender and detailed information can be found on the faculty's website. Queries may be addressed to Ing. Pokorná,

Establishment of a centre of excellence in the Czech Republic

Until July 25, 2022, outstanding researchers from all scientific disciplines can apply for the establishment of a center of excellence in the Czech Republic. The Czech research group will be supported by partners from German universities or non-university research institutions. The Dioscuri programme is a programme initiated by the Max Planck Society, jointly managed by the Max Planck Society and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) and jointly funded by the MEYS and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Further information and the whole call can be found on the MEYS website here (in Czech).

TA CR – THETA Program: Announcement of the 5th public tender

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) has announced the fifth public tender of the THETA Program for the Support of Applied Research, Experimental Development and Innovation. The main goal of the program is to contribute to the fulfilment of the vision of transformation, and modernization of the energy sector in accordance with the approved strategic materials. Queries may be addressed to Mgr. Silvie Šavrňáková ( Faculty deadline: July 20, 2022.

TA CR – DELTA 2 Program: Announcement of the 4th public tender

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) has announced the fourth public tender in the DELTA 2 Program for the Support of Applied Research, Experimental Development and Innovation. The subject of the competition is the support of international cooperation in the field of applied research through joint projects of Czech entities supported by the TA CR and foreign partners with the expected support of foreign organizations. Queries may be addressed to Mgr. Silvie Šavrňáková ( Faculty deadline: July 7, 2022.

MA – public tender in research, development and innovation in 2022 „ZEMĚ”

The Ministry of Agriculture (MA) announces a one-stage public tender in research, development and innovation within the “Applied Research Program of the Ministry of Agriculture for the period 2017 – 2025, „ZEMĚ”,“ with the beginning of projects solution in 2023. Queries may be addressed to Mgr. Silvie Šavrňáková ( The faculty deadline is July 8, 2022.

MF – announcement of the 4th open call from the Bilateral Relations Fund

The Ministry of Finance (MF) – National Contact Point for the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 has announced the fourth Open Call for Proposals for Bilateral Initiatives from the Bilateral Relations Fund under the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021. Queries may be addressed to Mgr. Silvie Šavrňáková ( For more information, see the provider and faculty websites. Faculty deadline: December 15, 2023.

International and non-university affairs

Support for international cooperation development

As a part of the PROPOST, the Faculty of Science received a contribution to the development of international cooperation. These resources can be used for co-financing of student mobility abroad if the primary source does not cover all the necessary costs, and also to co-finance staff mobility abroad aimed at cooperation development. Short-term stays of experts from abroad visiting the UP Faculty of Science can also be co-financed. However, no wage or personal expenses can be paid from these resources.

If you are planning a trip or a visit that meets the above definition, you can pre-apply for the financial support by email to Waleria Slowiková ( In the application state the names of the participants, the foreign institution, the requested amount of support (including the main source of funding and the total expected cost) and the purpose of the visit. The decision on granting the support will be made with regard to the degree of completion of the cooperation and with an effort to cover all the fields evenly. Preference will be given to activities co-financed by the departments.

Academic Senate

The meeting of the Academic Senate FS UP will take place on September 21, 2022 at 13:00 in the big meeting room of the Dean's Office. Detailed information and materials are published on the senate website (in Czech).

Study affairs

Doctoral student evaluations
Students of doctoral study programmes should submit their evaluation for academic year 2021/2022 by June 30, 2022. The evaluation has to be signed by the student as well as the supervisor and the chairman of the Subject-Area Board of the student’s study programme. It has to include a written assessment of the supervisor as to whether or not he/she recommends the advancement to the next year. Even after submitting the evaluation, the student can complete the courses he/she has enrolled at in STAG until September 5, 2022. After September 5, a check will be made on the fulfilment of the conditions for advancement to the next year.
Students of the fourth and higher years, together with the evaluation, submit a request for the extension of studies. Similarly to the evaluation, the request must also include the supervisor’s statement and three signatures (student, supervisor, chairman of the Subject-Area Board).

State doctoral examination and dissertation defense

When submitting your dissertation or application for the state doctoral examination, adhere to the requirements and deadlines listed on the website in the section for Doctoral Study.

Summer office hours of the Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office of the Faculty of Science will be closed during the following dates: July 4 to 8, August 1 to 5.

During other days in July and August:

Monday 9:00 - 11:00 13:30 - 14:30
Tuesday 9:00 - 11:00 13:30 - 14:30
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 9:00 - 11:00 13:30 - 14:30

From August 29 to September 2 the office will be open only to students who will be enrolled in the 1st year.

Experientia Day 2022

Are you interested in finding out who will receive a scholarship from the Experientia Foundation for 2022? Come to the Experientia Day, which will take place on Thursday, June 30, 2022 in the main lecture room at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IOCB CAS). From 9:00 you can look forward to a lecture by invited guest prof. Herbert Waldmann of the Max Planck Institute in Dortmund on Pseudo-Natural Products – Chemical Evolution of Natural Product Structure. Prof. Waldmann and the founders of the Experientia Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Dvořák, will then announce the scholarship holders for 2022. From 10:30 Tomáš Slanina, a member of the Experientia Foundation team from IOCB CAS, will lead a panel discussion entitled Getting ERC Grants: panel discussion with successful applicants.

Student community garden – Václavka

The student community garden is located in the atrium of Bedřich Václavek's dormitories and students can use it for leisure time or for picking herbs and vegetables. The Sustainable Palacký student initiative, which manages the Václavka, received the ‘Million for Olomouc’ grant to improve it. For more information, check the official websites of the initiative.

ULYSSES Programme

In cooperation with the Spanish technology center LEARTIKER, we are looking for graduating students/graduates to join the ULYSSES program. It is a specialized training program compiled for the company CIE AUTOMOTIVE. As part of the ULYSSES program, the selected applicant completes training in the LEARTIKER technology center, focusing mainly on polymer technologies, metal technologies, lean manufacturing and business and innovation. Subsequently, the applicant will work for 5 months in the CIE group in Spain, where he/she will gain professional experience and become acquainted with the company's business culture. After the training, the applicant will enter the Czech branch of the CIE group in the Czech Republic. If you have any questions, please contact Martin Kolář (

English language courses for employees and PhD students

The Department of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Science, Palacky University offers English courses for the employees and PhD students of the Faculty of Science in the winter semester 2022/23. The complete list of courses is here.

Organization and Maintenance

Parking system of the building 17. listopadu 12 – Envelopa

  • All employees with access to underground garages should always state the licence plate number of all vehicles they use for parking. If the employee uses an access card but does not have the car's license plate number registered in the system, the vehicle counting on the board at the garage entrance will not be functional.

Please follow these rules:

  • For entry/exit it is necessary to approach the garage gate slowly (ideally 10 km/h and through the middle).
  • It is necessary to follow the Rules of Operation of the underground parking garage of the Faculty of Science PrF-B-18/10

Parking area at the Public Prosecutor's Office

  • The parking will be put into operation from August 1, 2022.
  • Use an employee card for entry/exit.
  • Access will be set only for employees of SLO, VLD and Envelopa buildings (employees with access to underground garages).

Access settings

  • At the Faculty of Science, there has been recently introduced option of setting access to individual profiles (card readers) within the Faculty of Science. The requirement for setting the access of a given workplace must always be by an authorized person – the head of the department/workplace or the secretary of the department/workplace.
  • Regarding the buildings 17. listopadu 12 – Envelopa, 17. listopadu 50A – SLO and 17. listopadu 50 – VLD, please contact Filip Zlámal at
  • Regarding the Holice campus, please contact Bc. Milan Labounek at

Parking restrictions – Envelopa

From June 26 to 30 The Children and Youth Olympic Games will take place in Olomouc. Palacký University will participate in building the Olympic Village in their campus in the city centre. The Fort of Science will host the Olympic House, where athletes will meet, medal ceremonies will take place and a fan programme will be organized. Therefore the area opposite the building of the Faculty of Science (next to the rose garden) will be used for parking the shuttle buses for participants of this event. About 10 thousand more people will stay in Olomouc these days.

Operation – Dean's Office

From July 1 to August 31, 2022, the Dean's Office will be open from 7:30 to 15:00.

Operation – Cash register

The Cash register will be closed during the following days: July 4 to 8 and August 22 to 26.

Monday, Thursday 9:00 - 11:00 13:00 - 14:30
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday domestic and foreign travel orders, reimbursement on accounts

Operation – File service

Office hours from July 1 to August 31, 2022.

Envelopa 9:00 – 11:00 13:00 – 13:30
Holice 12:00 – 13:00  

Operation – buildings

Operation on the SLO building – from July 4 to August 26, 2022 the building is open from 7:00 to 15:30.
Operation on the VLD building – from July 4 to August 31, 2022 the building is open from 7:00 to 15:00.
Operation at the main building at Envelopa and at the Holice campus remains unchanged.

Operation – Library

The Central Library in Armoury and also other faculty branches of the UP Library will have adjusted opening hours during the summer. During the closure of the Central Library in Armoury or the faculty branches of the UP Library, it is possible to return books to biblioboxes. Long-term loans (absentee borrowing for 30 days) are automatically lent until September 19, i.e. until the beginning of the semester.

The Library of the Faculty of Science Envelopa
CLOSED   4. 7. – 10. 7. 2022
CLOSED   1. 8. – 14. 8. 2022
CLOSED   29. 8. – 31. 8. 2022

The Library of the Faculty of Science Holice
CLOSED   27. 6. – 10. 7. 2022
CLOSED   25. 7. – 26. 8. 2022

Summer opening hours of the faculty libraries at Envelopa and Holice can be found here.

Summer opening hours of canteens and bistros and the possibility of holiday accommodation

From June 20 to September 11, the operating hours in the canteens and bistros FreshUP will be adjusted. In addition, the annual holiday operation will be limited due to the repair of the main canteen and also by the provision of meals for the participants of the Children and Youth Olympic Games during the last week of June. All canteens and bistros will be closed throughout the week around the July holidays. Detailed opening hours of all establishments can be found here.

Along with the meals, the dormitories also offer affordable and comfortable accommodation during the summer holidays. So invite your friends to Olomouc for a few days! It is possible to stay in the ideally located campus on Envelopa from 450 CZK, including a breakfast buffet. There is also a kitchenette, gym or sports equipment available. Complete information, including the price list, is available on the website (in Czech).


Concert of Jaroslav Svěcený

Employees of the Palacký University and their family members have a 10% discount on the purchase of tickets for the Jaroslav Svěcený concert, which will take place at the Šternberk State Castle on August 4 from 19:00. Just send an order from the work e-mail in the form to the address


The next faculty Newsletter will be published on Monday, September 12, 2022.

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