Biology, Ecology and Environment

Department of Botany

The department is in charge of teaching general botanical and biological courses within study of Systematic Biology and Ecology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Protection and Creation of Environment and Biology for teachers in combination with other subjects. It also guarantees education of Biology for Teachers and Master and Doctoral degree programmes in Botany.

Scientific activities at the department focus on theoretical and applied botany. Researchers have carried out, for example, anatomical and histological research of selected groups of plants, research of resistance mechanisms of genetic resources of plants, plant communities and biodiversity, focusing on reproductive biology and protection of genetic resources and other areas.

The department administers the National Collection UPOC (phytopathogenic fungi, algae and cyanobacteria) and herbarium. The department also disposes of a unique collection of carnivorous plants. Department of Botany closely cooperates with the Botanical Garden of the faculty.

Department of Cell Biology and Genetics

The department guarantees and provides education of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree programmes in Molecular and Cellular Biology. The curriculum includes progressive and rapidly evolving biological disciplines. Graduates may find occupation for example in diagnostic and research laboratories, in medicine, agriculture, food processing, biotechnology, and in scientific research in basic and applied research.

Scientific activity covers three basic areas. These are molecular toxicology and molecular pharmacology focused on transcriptional regulatory mechanisms by metabolizing drugs and pollutants; molecular biology of microorganisms with focus on plant virology; and population genetics focusing on birds. Laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment allow the department to use a variety of genetic, immunochemical and molecular biological techniques. The department works closely with leading research institutes within the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Its employees mainly publish in prestigious international journals and generate a range of applications for national and international patents.

Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences

The department guarantees Bachelor degree programme in Ecology and Environmental Protection, and Master degree programme in fields of Ecology and Environmental Protection, and Conservation and Landscaping. It also provides education in Bachelor study programme for future teachers of Biology and Master degree programme of Environmental Education and of Biology and Environmental Education for secondary schools. The department also offers a Doctoral degree programme in Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

In addition to teaching students the department is concerned with scientific research in the field of ecology, nature and landscape conservation, land use and revitalization. In addition to research projects of national and regional grant agencies, the faculty members are involved in preparation of university textbooks and processing a wide range of professional surveys in the field of nature conservation and environmental (EIA, biological assessment, expert services for ministries: environment and agriculture).

Department of Zoology and Laboratory of Ornithology

Department of Zoology and Laboratory of Ornithology guarantees a Bachelor degree programme in Biology and Ecology and a Master degree in the field of Zoology. Department staff is also involved in teaching courses within Bachelor and Master degree programmes in all combinations of Biology for teachers and in the fields of Hydrobiology, Protection and creation of environment, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics. The department is accredited for Doctoral study, habilitation and professorships in the field of Zoology.

Research carried out by local scientists is particularly focused on Biology of Vertebrate, Entomology and Applied Hydrobiology. The Laboratory of Ornithology addresses numerous complex research projects focused mainly on evolutionary biology and eco-ethology of birds. The Laboratory of Molecular Systematics studies phylogeny and evolution, especially of beetles. Scientists closely cooperate with foreign universities.

Laboratory of Growth Regulators

Laboratory of Growth Regulators (LGR), is a common workplace of the Faculty of Science of Palacký University Olomouc and the Institute of Experimental Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The purpose of the laboratory is to integrate capacity for joint solution of scientific research projects in the field of molecular and physiological mechanisms of the effects of growth regulators in living organisms. The laboratory guarantees Bachelor and Master degree programme in Experimental Biology and Master degree programme in Experimental Plant Biology. The Master degree programme in Experimental biology is accredited by the Ministry of Health as a medical study field.

The workplace is engaged in scientific research and educational activities in the field of experimental biology, particularly the preparation of new, highly biologically active plant growth regulators on the basis of purines, developing methods of their analysis, studying their functions and effects on growth and development processes in normal and tumor cells, including the development of anti-cancer substances derived from plant-hormone cytokinin. One of the worldwide recognized results of LGR is an extension of cytokinins in particular the so-called aromatic cytokinins Topolins and their derivatives based on Olomoucine and the use of regulatory effects of these derivatives in the treatment of tumors. The workplace publishes mainly in prestigious international journals and generates numerous applications for national and international patents. Since 2014, the LGR has been involved in the research of the Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research as the part of IEB CAS.

Department of Experimental Biology

The Department of Experimental Biology was established through the reorganization of the Laboratory of Growth Regulators, during which working groups focused on pharmacognosy, medicinal chemistry, chemical and structural biology formed an independent unit. The members of the department focus on the identification of unknown natural compounds, the preparation of new compounds that can be used for therapy or diagnosis of human diseases. Their chemical and biological properties are studied in detail using methods of structural and molecular biology, biochemistry and modern instrumental analysis. The multidisciplinary nature of research often requires cooperation with experts from other departments of our faculty and beyond. And despite its short history, the department has extensive contacts with other research institutes focused on similar or complementary topics in our country and abroad.

The department also significantly participates in the implementation of theoretical and practical teaching in the field of Experimental Biology in the bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs, and some other related biological and chemical disciplines. During it, students gain experience with instrumental analytical, biochemical and molecular biological methods. After graduation, they are successfully employed, for example, in the segments of health care, hygiene, pharmacy, food industry and agriculture.

Department of Chemical Biology

Department of Chemical Biology was established by the re-organization of Department of Chemical Biology and Genetics of CRH PřF UPOL, by the concentration of the teams focused on phytochemistry and chemical biology. Department of Chemical Biology is the interdisciplinary department and its members are mainly engaged in the preparation and isolation of new natural derivatives, study of their biological effects and the applicability of these derivatives in the treatment of plants, but also, for example, in the treatment of human skin cells.
The members of the department regularly publish in prestigious scientific journals and are also the authors of many patents.
In cooperation with domestic and foreign workplaces, further study of the biological properties of these derivatives is underway, such as the determination of antioxidant, antisenescence, antibacterial or antiviral activity.
The department significantly participates in the implementation of theoretical and practical teaching of the study program Experimental Biology, as well as other related or related biologically and chemically oriented programs, in bachelor's, subsequent master's and doctoral studies.

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