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New Vice-deans have taken office

Dean of the Faculty of Science Martin Kubala appointed members of the team of Vice-deans. So far there are five of them, however the number is likely to grow in the future. The new Dean has been leading the Faculty since February 1.

The statutory representative of the Dean as well as Vice-dean for International matters has become Miloslav Dušek from Department of Optics. Vice-dean for Science and Research is Karel Lemr from Department of Analytical Chemistry, Study matters have newly been entrusted to Eduard Bartl from Department of Computer Science, and Karel Hron from Department of Mathematical Analysis and Applications of Mathematics has been appointed the Vice-dean for External relations. Libor Kvítek from Department of Physical Chemistry and Regional Center of Advanced Technologies and Materials will be in charge of specific issues related to the operation of science centers.

"I appreciate the fact that we have managed to combine experience with representatives of younger generation which will lead the Faculty in the future. In the following weeks we would like to get acquainted with the operation of the Dean´s Office, analyze the complete agenda and I will probably add some members to my team," said Kubala.

The Vice-dean for Transfer of Technologies is a new position. "I hope this position will among other things be useful for better interconnection of the science centers with the Faculty. I will do my best to achieve this goal," announced Vice-dean Kvítek.

"There needs to be a synergy not only between the two campuses in Holice and Envelopa, but also among scientists, teachers and administrative apparatus," added the new Vice-dean for Science and Research Lemr.

With the exception of Miloslav Dušek, this is the first time for all Vice-deans to be in this role. The Dean introduced his team of Vice-deans at the recent meeting of the Academic Senate of the Faculty.

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For Students

Course registration in the summer semester

Course registration for summer semester ends on February 18. After this deadline it is possible to make slight changes to the timetable only through the Study department until March 15.

Graduation ceremony

We ask graduates who successfully completed their final state examination in January and February to apply for a graduation ceremony by their study referent. These will be held June 25-30. The timetable will be posted on the faculty website in the second half of June. You can pick up the confirmation of properly concluding studies at the Study department. Here you can also collect your diplomas at the end of March.

Student applications for academic year 2018/2019

Student applications for academic year 2018/2019 should be filed through so-called e-application by February 28.

Entering study results into STAG

We ask all employees who enter study results into STAG to do so by the end of winter semester, i.e. February 11 due to study control and finding the number of students with 0 credits.

Scholarship from the Chinese government

The Chinese government offers scholarship opportunities to Czech students of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study programs in the PRC starting with academic year 2018/2019 as well as study or research internships in the PRC for one to two semesters in the same academic year. Deadline for submitting applications is February 19 at 3:00 p.m. at the Ministry of Education. More detailed information is available on the DZS / AIA website.

Faculty Operation

Information for students of multiple faculties

Based on the decision of Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Zdeněk Pechal, the beginning of the summer semester at the Faculty of Arts will be postponed until February 19, due to moving and completion of the reconstruction of Křížkovského 10 buildings. The possibility of un-registering subjects has been moved to February 23 and registration of subjects to February 25.

Public presentation

On 14 March, at 15:00, a public presentation of planned construction projects will take place in Building A, Breeders 27, in the classroom SE-501, which will have an impact on the functioning of the holistic area, especially in this and the next year. All employees and students interested are cordially invited.


Science promotion competition FameLab

The British Council under the auspices of the Head of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Eva Zažímalová, organizes the 8th International FameLab Science Competition for students and workers in Science and Engineering, over 21 years of age. For more information, visit or

Training course

Department of Botany has prepared a professional training course for Ph.D. students and academic staff focused on inclusive education and activation methods, starting in March. The individual parts of the course are focused on experience pedagogy, elements of forest didactics, ecological education, activation methods in education, approaching pupils with special educational needs, inclusive education and other current topics. For more information contact Mgr. Martina Oulehlová, email:, tel .: 4820.

Window into practice

On Tuesday, February 13, students can take part in the tenth annual meeting of employers and students of science disciplines called Window into Practice. The aim of the meeting is to provide information on the possibilities of gaining professional experience, employment, trainee programs, part-time employment, study stays and internships. Students get acquainted with corporate environment and corporate culture, the selection process, requirements for graduates, problems faced by the graduates after taking up their jobs and, last but not least, a brief introduction of the companies.

Fischer Scholarship holders´ presentations

Vice-Dean for International Relations Zdeněk Hradil cordially invites you to participate in the 2nd Seminar for incoming Fischer scholars. The event will be held on Tuesday, February 13th at 2:00 p.m. in the Large Conference Room, Deans Office, on the 6th floor of the Faculty of Science.

First-year Ph.D. students are advised to present their personal data, previous academic experience and particularly their Ph.D. project. Students of the second year should present the Progress Report, all in the terms accessible to a broad academic audience. The presentation should not exceed than 10 minutes plus allow 5 minutes for discussion. Students are asked to send their presentations by February 7th at 12:00 a.m. to Mrs. Dana Gronychová,

New Internal Rules

As of February 13 the following UP provision came into effect:

R-B-18/03 - Schedule of academic year 2018/2019 and schedule of subject registration into Information system STAG in academic year 2018/2019

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