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Dear colleagues and students,

government regulations moved the University in a completely unusual mode of operation, the most prominent feature of which is its extremely high degree of uncertainty. Planning is very difficult at the moment and in many situations it is necessary to respond very flexibly, especially in terms of deadlines. At this point, it is almost certain that the elections to the Academic Senates will be postponed and the calendar of the academic year will be modified. I consider proper completion of the semester, including the state final examinations and the entrance exams, as the biggest challenge we face in the coming weeks. In this way, I would like to thank all non-panicking employees who are trying to continue working mainly using online tools, as well as the staff of the Dean's Office to keep up with all the necessary administration.

I greatly appreciate the commitment of all volunteers from the ranks of employees and students of the Faculty of Science who are devoting their time to help others during these difficult days, whether by preparing disinfection or sewing masks for medical facilities and others in need. I appreciate the spontaneity of these activities, which arise mostly on social networks, which is, after all, the best indication that people from the Faculty of Science community do not think only of themselves.

Nevertheless, I would now like to further support these activities and encourage all those who think they could still pull out the old sewing machine and join in the initiative. More masks will still be needed at least in the coming days, as evidenced by the responses that get to me. I would therefore like to invite you to join and bring masks to the collection held at Faculty of Science. Masks will be continuously handed over to health and social facilities and other institutions that urgently need this important protection due to their activity.

Masks can be continuously dropped off at the following collection points:

  • Gatehouse of the Faculty of Science, 17. listopadu 12 (tel. 585 634 060)
  • Gatehouse of the Faculty of Science in Holice (tel. 585 634 960)

Students who are currently banned from entering the Faculty of Science can bring masks upon telephone arrangement in front of the Faculty building.

It can be expected that with passing time the center of problems will shift from material needs to psyche-related issues. So I ask everyone for maximum tolerance and cooperation in finding solutions to problems.

Martin Kubala

Science and Research

Czech-Austrian projects
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has announced a call for applications for a grant to support joint Czech-Austrian projects within the mobility activity with implementation in 2021-2022. The deadline for submitting project proposals to Miriam Delong ( at R&D department is May 12. More information can be found here.

Czech-French projects
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has announced a call for applications for a grant to support joint Czech-French projects within the mobility activity with implementation period in 2021-2022. The deadline for submitting project proposals to Miriam Delong ( at R&D department is June 25. More information can be found here.

Extension of the deadline for submitting proposals for GACR projects
In the context of spreading of the coronavirus epidemy in the Czech Republic and in an effort to respond to the current state of emergency and to accommodate as much as possible to all investigators, the Board of the Grant Agency has decided to extend the deadline for submitting project proposals until May 4, 2020 through cancelling the initial call and immediately re-announcing a new one. Project proposals generated from the application must be sent electronically in the original format to by noon, May 2. Unfinished GRIS project proposals do not need to be overwritten; they are automatically saved for the new competition. Detailed information can be found on the grant provider's website.

The following deadlines have been set by the Rector´s Office for submitting project proposals:

  • EXPRO, Junior Star, International and Standard - Wednesday, April 29, 2020
  • Lead Agency - Tuesday, April 7, 2020
  • Proposals for projects under CEUS initiative in case GACR is in the Lead Agency role - Wednesday 29 April 2020

(In case the GACR is a partner organization, the deadline is determined by a deadline set by foreign agencies). Rector´s Office asks for timely submission of proposals due to possible problems of matching the proposals to GACR system and the increased time consumption of the new electronic filing service.

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate of the Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc (hereinafter referred to as “AS PrF UP”) has announced elections to the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Science for the election period from 8 May 2020 to 8 May 2023.

The scheduled elections to the Academic Senates has been postponed to May 20 and 21. AS PrF UP will discuss a draft amendment to the Rules of elections to the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Science, which will allow electronic voting. The draft amendment can be found at Comments may be sent to the Chairman of the legislative commission ( by Monday, March 30. The Senate will vote per rollam on the proposal upon discussion in the legislative commission.

Note: At the same time as the first term, elections to the Academic Senate of UP ( should take place at the faculty.

Study matters

Information related to emergency training

Timetable of the academic year will be adjusted in approximately two weeks; an extension of teaching in Summer semester by approximately one month, i.e. until mid-June is being considered. The exam period is likely to affect the summer holidays and will be extended until September, depending on the current development of the situation in the extreme scenario, the start of Winter Semester 2020/2021 may be postponed by a week. Teachers are advised to continue teaching where it is possible to provide online teaching, whether by simple e-mail correspondence with students, LMS (e.g. Moodle), Skype communications (or equivalent - Zoom is recommended). What cannot be taught without contact (practice, laboratory exercises, fieldwork), they shall teach in an extended period.

Laboratory work of students
Students (including PhD students) who do not have an employment relationship at UP and are only in student status are not allowed on faculty premises.

Graduate years
It is proposed to cancel the Final State Examination dates in May and schedule alternative dates in the second half of June and, in particular to expand the offer of State Final Examination dates in August and September. Furthermore, postponing the deadline for fulfilling study obligations and submitting qualifications is being considered.

All students who are affected in some way by the measures in terms of expiry of the two-year period between meeting the conditions for completing study and the final state examination, or expiry of the maximum period of study, would be prolonged at their request. Applications should be sent to the following address: Faculty of Science UP, Study Department, 17. listopadu 12, 779 00 Olomouc.

Scholarship applications
Please submit applications for regular scholarship payments until the end of the academic year, i.e. August 2020, and not until December 2020. This is due to STAG working with academic years, not calendar years, and some students finish their studies during duration of the application, the fees are changed, etc. For September 2020, submit new applications.

Contact with employees at the Study department
In context of the ban on students entering the university premises, which is valid from Friday, March 13 until further notice, the Study Department of the Faculty of Science ensures operation exclusively via e-mail or telephone communication.

Trips abroad
Students who have a full-time contract at the faculty must report this fact to the Human Resources Department when traveling abroad through the Erasmus program.

Academic year schedule
The schedule of the following academic year 2020/2021 can be found at


Summer day camps
Fort Science also offers summer day camps to experiment, discover, decipher, paint, compete, laugh, run as well as relax with the view of the starry sky. Selection of camps is available here.

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