Doctoral Studies

Standard Doctoral study programmes last four years. Students are required to take courses and examinations, present seminars, annual progress reports, pursue research and publish their data in scientific journals according to their individual study plans governed by respective supervisors. Results of the research are compiled in Ph.D. thesis. Students prepare for the State Doctoral Examination, which tests the range and quality of the student’s abilities in respective field of study and the potential to acquire and creatively implement the knowledge. After successful defense of the doctoral thesis and passing the State Doctoral Examination, the student will be awarded the degree Ph.D.

Study programmes

The applications for the academic year 2022/2023 will begin in November 2021.

Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences


Computer Science

Earth Sciences



Ph.D. study application guide

  1. Choose your study programme from above or in our catalogue.
  2. Choose your thesis topic from this list.
  3. Contact your potential supervisor and get the endorsement for your application. Only then you can apply for your study programme!
  4. Prepare the necessary documents below for your application (in pdf). The documents and admission requirements may vary according to the chosen study programme. Always follow the instructions from your department.
    • Certified copy of your diploma and Transcript of Records.
      These should be requested from the colleges and universities attended. For applicants from non-member states of the Hague Conference on International Law (see the list), the documents must be accompanied by an apostille issued by the local Czech Embassy.
    • Two recommendation letters.
      These provide an additional source of information about professional and academic level and should be completed by employer or university professor.
    • Curriculum vitae.
      Information concerning your life, education, including work, study and research experience. Statement of academic goal indicating why you wish to study in a particular program. Ph.D. applicants are expected to submit a description of their graduate program, diploma thesis, published papers, honours awarded, membership in scientfic societies and personal professional goals.
    • English language proficiency certificate
      Certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE) at least at B2 CEFR level, or a document certifying applicant's previous English language courses or studies in English.
    • Health status certificate (not older than one month).
      All accepted international students are required to join International Student Medical Expense Plan or show a proof of equivalent coverage of their health insurance.
    • Diploma recognition.
  5. Complete the electronic application. Continue through "Log in" to register and enter to your application form. Choose only study programmes with English titles.
  6. In order to complete the e-application, you have to pay the processing fee 690 CZK (approximately 27 EUR) by credit card. Without the payment, the application will not be considered.
  7. Entrance examinations are usually oral (e.g. via Skype) and take place in June (date should be specified by your supervisor).
  8. Be aware that tution fee up to 4000 EUR per academic year is required.


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