Introductory word

Dear colleagues,

I hope you found time to relax and gain new energy over the summer before the upcoming academic year. I hope that the summer holidays brought some peace and quiet to you, even though their last few days were perhaps a little too dramatic. The Faculty is going through a difficult time and I would like to thank you for the huge wave of support the management has received in recent days. I see it as a commitment to keep working for the Faculty for as long as I can. It is good that the silent majority ceases to be silent and that your voice has now become loud, because the Faculty is mainly formed by its academic community. At the same time, I am pleased to find that, despite all the difficulties, the Faculty's scientific performance is comparable to that of previous years, suggesting that the Faculty's working environment is still suitable for our staff.

On behalf of the Faculty´s management, I would like to assure you that we will continue to support your efforts striving for quality educational and research work.

On behalf of the management of the Faculty of Science UP

Martin Kubala

Science and Research

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has announced the 7th National Call for submitting project proposals in Research, Development and Innovation of the INTER-EXCELLENCE Program (LTE120) within sub-program of international cooperation in research and development - EUREKA. The deadline for submitting proposals is October 10, 2019 by 12:00 at Miriam Delongová, R&D Department, email: More information available here.

Cooperation Plan 2020
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, at the request of the Directorate of the United Institute of Nuclear Research, has launched a call for proposals for the Cooperation Plan for 2020. More information is available here.

Environment for life
The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR) has announced a public tender in research, experimental development and innovation in the Program of the Ministry of Environment to support applied research, experimental development and innovation in the field of environment - Environment for Life. The deadline for submitting proposals through Ivana Saitzová, R&D department, e-mail:, is set for September 16, 2019. Detailed information on the call here.

Program for financing multilateral cooperation in science and technology
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has announced a call for proposals for joint research projects with a period of 2020-2021 under the Program for Financing Multilateral Scientific and Technological Cooperation in the Danube Region. Together with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia and France also participate in the call. Proposals shall be submitted in English. The deadline for submitting proposals is September 17, 2019 at the R&D department by Miriam Delongová, e-mail:

Rector´s Honorable mention to authors of expert books 2019
Rector will again appreciate authors of selected expert books in the fields of natural, medical, social sciences and the humanities. Every employee of the University, including the author, may submit a proposal for honorary recognition. Popular scientific publications and textbooks will not be included in the competition.

The expert book must formally meet the criteria of result "B" according to the valid Methodology of the Evaluation of Research Organizations and the Evaluation of Programs of Targeted Support of Research, Development and Innovation (Methodology 17+). To be included in the competition, please send the book in printed form and the cover letter in electronic form to Mgr. Alena Jarošová, at the Department of Science and Research until Monday, September 30, tel.: 585 634 011. Popular scientific publications, textbooks and textbooks will not be included in the competition.

International and outer University Information

English language courses for employees and PhD students
The Department of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Science, Palacky University offers English courses for the employees and PhD students of the Faculty of Science in the winter semester 2019/20. The complete list of courses is here.

Academic Senate

The upcoming meeting of the Academic Senate of the Faculty will take place on Wednesday, September 18, 1:00 pm in the Large board room of the Dean´s office (6.014).

For students

Study plans for academic year 2019/2020
Lists of lectures (study plans) for academic year 2019/2020 can be found on the faculty website.

Registration of courses in STAG
The deadline for registration of courses in STAG for academic year 2019/2020 is September 30, 2019.

Requests for subject recognition
Requests for subject recognition, duly completed and confirmed by the Department, must be submitted to the Study Department by October 10, 2019.

Graduation ceremonies
We ask students who graduated between August to September 2019 and want to take part in November graduation ceremonies to inform their study referent by email.

Study plan of 1st year doctoral students
We ask first-year doctoral students to submit their study plans by September 30, 2019. The study plan must be signed by the student, their supervisor and chair of the subject committee. At the same time, we ask students to enter the topic of dissertation and name of supervisor into STAG.

Cherish your Nature!
If you have an idea how to popularize your field, raise the profile of the faculty in public, create a teaching aid, organize an exhibition or organize cooperation with high school students, sign up for the Cherish your Nature challenge and get up to CZK 10,000! Application for project support can be submitted by any student in full-time form of bachelor, master or doctoral study at the Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc, resp. at the time of submitting the application and at the time of the project defense (December 2019), the project applicant / administrator must be a student of the Faculty of Science UP in full-time study.

Successful researchers will receive a reward that will be paid in the form of an extraordinary scholarship. One student may submit a maximum of two projects per call. The project may have several co-researchers, but the reward will be paid to only one principal administrator.

During the final defense, the expert committee assesses the imagination and originality of the proposal, the benefit for the faculty and the quality of the final defense of the results of its project. Send your proposals to by October 31, 2019.

Faculty Operation

New mobile boards for rent
Since September, new mobile boards with a clip (so-called double-sided A-cards) are available at the gate of the main building of the faculty, where posters up to A2 can be placed. Notice boards can be borrowed by event organizers. If you are interested in renting more boards, it is advisable to book them at the gatehouse (line 4060 or in person).

In addition, the number of notice boards has been increased to12 blue fabric ones and 5 cork ones, which can be borrowed for events at the External and Internal Relations Department. Boards can be used for posters up to size A0. In case of interest it is necessary to reserve notice boards in advance by e-mail

New brochures of the Faculty of Science
During the summer, the Department of External and Internal Relations published an offer of events and lectures at the Faculty of Science Discover Nature! 2019/2020. Here you can find its electronic form, you can request a printed brochure at We informed all schools about the publication of the brochure for the first time in the middle of summer, and for the second time at the end of the holiday, with reference to its electronic version. Printed material shall reach the schools promptly.

In cooperation with the Department of External and Internal Relations and Building Management, a brochure about the Faculty with technical data was issued based on the demand of the building visitors. An electronic version is available here, a printed version can be requested at In the brochure you will find a lot of attractions for your visitors. So far, only the Czech version is available.

Administration of the Faculty website
In case of suggestions for changes or amendments to the English version of Faculty´s website, you can now contact Mgr. Waleria Słowikova ( Administration of Czech faculty websites, FB, Twitter and Instagram remains in charge of the Department of External and Internal Relations.

Parking in underground garages and around the Faculty of Science building
Staff of the Faculty of Science are requested to respect the internal standard PřF-B-18/10 and park at the designated parking places for holders of parking cards at the Faculty of Science and the UP. Here you will find a map that shows parking spaces reserved for cardholders. In case the parking card is not visibly placed behind the vehicle´s windshield, the city police may impose a fine.

Major repair of the roof of the Envelopa building
Until the end of 2019, construction work of IZOTECH MORAVIA company will continue on the 6th floor. Due to the fact that the contract came into force later, not all work in the rooms on the 5th floor have been carried out. Work in the affected rooms will be carried out next year. You will be informed about the exact date.

Upgrade WiFi - PrF UP
Within the OPVV project "UP Olomouc - upgrade and completion of WiFi IV. - PrF Envelopa ", which was provided by CVT, there have been 32 active elements added. Demanding implementation runs until September 13, 2019, so it is possible that there will be outages of WiFi network.

In addition, documents for the replacement of old existing APs on the building from 2008/2009 were prepared and processed, and new APs will be added as required by the departments. At present, the replacement is gradually being done by employees of Building Administration. At individual departments, the replacement and completion will be done in complete sections - the date will always be agreed.

Pedestrian pathway - Envelopa
During September / October, a pedestrian pathway will be built, which will connect the rear entrance of the building located on the first floor above the entrance to the underground garage and the sidewalk on 17. listopadu Street. We do not expect any limitations to the operation of the building in connection with the construction activity.


The night of scientists
The night of scientists, a nation-wide popularizing event will take place already on September 27, 2019 this year. This year´s theme is Considering the Planet. Within the Faculty of Science there will be 30 stands prepared for visitors. You can look forward to chemical experiments, virtual reality or observation of the universe from the terrace. You can also try to program various devices for a "smart home" or test your English. In addition to the departments, some faculty student associations or companies such as HELLA AUTOTECHNIK NOVA s.r.o. and Siemens, s.r.o. are also scheduled to appear. Face painting and fire show may also be on the agenda. We thank everyone for helping with preparation and organization! The program will be gradually updated at Come visit the faculty even on other than business like opportunity! The event is suitable for all ages.

After-school activities in the Stronghold of Knowledge
The Stronghold of Knowledge has prepared after-school activities for the winter and summer semester - Mystery of Nature, Laboratory of Knowledge, Gifted Children´s Club, Scientific Art, Playful History and Programming. Detailed information can be found here.

Children's University
Children who enroll in the Children's University at the Stronghold of Knowledge can try out university studies. Thanks to lectures by experienced specialists, they can gain an extraordinary insight in various fields of science. New semester of the Children's University will start by matriculation on September 25, 2019 and will end on December 18, 2019.

Geochemistry and Mineral Deposits
Historically the first student conference on Geochemistry and Mineral Deposits will take place on November 8-9, 2019 at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. The deadline for registration is by the end of September. One of the guests will be dr. Borovička, who will give a lecture on heavy metals in mushrooms. All information including the registration form can be found on the conference website

New internal regulations

As of 10. April, the following regulation became effective:

PrF-B-19/05 - Methodology of division non-investment financial resources to organizational units and general rules of economy at PrF UP

As of 11. April, the following regulation became effective:

PrF-B-19/04 - Reporting damage events at PrF UP

As of 18. April, the following regulation became effective:

PrF-B-19/06 - Methodology guidelines for setting the level of indirect costs in order to submit proposals of projects with institutional and with targeted support

As of 1. September, the following regulation became effective:

PrF-A-19/01 - Internal provision of the Faculty of Science executing certain issues of Study and Examinations Code Palacký University Olomouc

A-14/8-ÚZ01 - Granting allowances, gifts, and returnable loans from Social fund of the Faculty of Science, Palacký University Olomouc

A-14/8-ÚZ04 - Amendment N0.4 to dean's decision A-14/8/RD- Granting allowances, gifts, and returnable loans from social fund of the Faculty of Science, Palacký University Olomouc

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