Science and Research

MEYS – Announcement of 2 calls QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies II.

  • Quantum Phenomena and Resources (QPR, involving basic research projects)
  • Applied Quantum Science (AQS, involving applied research projects)

QuantERA Program ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies II. supports research in the field of quantum technologies. The complete wording of these calls, including the list of participating countries, funding organizations, time schedule, definition of key objectives, supported areas, expected project impacts, or forms for project proposals can be found on this website, all information about the calls are available in the Call Announcement document.

Both calls are single-round with the deadline for submitting project proposals no later than May 11, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. CET; faculty deadline: May 9, 2023. More information can be found on the DPS website or contact Ing. Tea Pokorná ( ).

HORIZON EUROPE – MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships (European/Global)

Under the Marie Curie-Skłodowska Actions of the Horizon Europe programme, the European Commission funds research and innovation projects to support the careers of top researchers through mobility and innovative postdoctoral training. The aim is to enhance the creative and innovative potential of PhD researchers who want to acquire new skills through advanced training, international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral mobility.

The call for MSCA PF 2023 applications will be open: April 12, 2023 – September 13, 2023.

  • 2 types of MSCA: European Fellowship (EU countries + associated countries, 12-24 months) and Global Fellowship (12-24 months + 12 months return part in EU + associated countries)
  • PF conditions: min. Ph.D., you can apply max. 8 years after Ph.D. defense (extended by maternity leave)
  • Funding: from HE (project evaluation above 93%), from ERA Fellowships (above 91% of project evaluation), from OP JAK – MSCA (70-90% of project evaluation; 5% co-financing from the department)

In case of interest, please, contact Ing. Tea Pokorná (

HORIZON EUROPE – National Information Day on MSCA at UP

On March 31, 2023, Palacký University in cooperation with the Technology Centre Prague will organize the National Information Day on MSCA. This full-day seminar is recommended for those interested in MSCA PF European/Global Fellowships. The morning programme will focus on pre-award, the afternoon on post-award. If you are interested in attending, please contact Ing. Tea Pokorna (

HORIZON EUROPE - ERC registration for workshops for applicants

The Technology Centre Prague together with the ERC Expert Group has announced the first of three preparatory workshops for ERC grant applicants for the 2024 calls, which will take place online on May 16-18, 2023. The workshops should be attended only by applicants with knowledge of ERC grants who are already at an advanced stage of project preparation. The workshops are not intended for applicants with no knowledge of ERC grants. Registration is open with a deadline of April 2, 2023. The number of workshop participants is limited. The application form must be accompanied by the project title, its acronym and abstract, as well as the applicant's CV and track record, all in the format and according to the ERC rules (the necessary documents will be provided upon request by Ing. Tea Pokorná, Information on acceptance/non-acceptance to the workshop will be announced at the beginning of May 2023. However, prior to the actual registration, it is necessary to secure the approval of the faculty management to submit the application.

The Czech Science Foundation (GA CR) – Calls for project proposals

The following deadlines must be met to submit project proposals to the GA CR standard projects, JUNIOR STAR, POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP and international and Lead Agency projects:

March 28, 2023 – latest project administration deadline – the following must be submitted:

  • The properly completed green request form ("košilka") (i.e. the Request for Consent to Submit a Project Proposal to the Funder), signed by the investigator and the head of the department.
  • Original of the document 'Brief information on the project'

March 30, 2023 – the deadline for delivery of the Project Proposals to the DPS of the Faculty of Science for submission to the GA CR via the PS UP data box.

Please, send all the necessary documents continuously to More details here.

TA CR – QuantERA II Call 2023: Quantum Technologies Research Call

The international call QuantERA II Call 2023 is focused on research in quantum technologies. Call topics:

  • Quantum Phenomena and Resources (basic research)
  • Applied Quantum Science (applied research)

Businesses and research organisations can apply for support. Project proposals may be submitted by international project consortia consisting of at least three eligible independent partners from countries selected by the provider.

More information can be found on the DPS Projects website; in case of interest, please contact Mgr. Silvie Šavrňáková ( Faculty deadline: May 4, 2023.

TA CR – M-ERA.NET 3 Call

The ERA-NET Cofund M-ERA.NET 3 Call 2023 is aimed at supporting projects in the field of materials research and innovation.

Call topics:

  1. Sustainable advanced materials for energy
  2. Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces
  3. High performance composites
  4. Functional materials
  5. Advanced materials and technologies for health applications (TA CR can’t fund projects connected to Regenerative medicine)
  6. Next generation materials for advanced electronics

Projects may be submitted by international consortia consisting of at least 3 partners from at least 3 participating countries (of which at least 2 EU member states or associated countries).

More information can be found on the DPS Projects website; in case of interest, please contact Mgr. Silvie Šavrňáková ( Faculty deadline: May 9, 2023.

International and Non-university Affairs

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM)

Under the Erasmus+ ICM programme, UP employees have the opportunity to participate in a teaching or training placement at a foreign partner university outside the EU. The conditions for participation in mobility differ slightly from the Erasmus+ Europe programme.

Mobilities with partner countries are possible on the basis of an approved project. Applications are submitted on behalf of UP in the framework of the annual call (usually in February) and are evaluated qualitatively. The following are evaluated: relevance of the project (planned cooperation and mobilities) to the internationalisation strategy of UP and the partner institution; continuity with previous cooperation (not necessarily in the ICM programme); provision of administrative arrangements for mobilities and services for their participants; contribution of independent mobilities; dissemination of project results and its impact. Projects are always approved for a maximum period of 36 months. The 2022 call must be fully implemented by July 31, 2025.

Proposals for planned cooperation and mobilities realization with partner countries are collected by Mgr. Yvona Vyhnánková, by January 15 at the latest. For the submission of partial proposals, you have to use the form sent by Mgr. Vyhnánková. Details can be found here.

Preparation and reporting of mobilities

All students going on study stays and internships abroad must inform the international section of the Student Affairs Office of the Faculty of Science UP about their intention to go and the beginning and end of their trip. We also ask all lecturers, who intend to go abroad within the Erasmus+ programme, to contact the international section of the Student Affairs Office of the Faculty of Science first

Information about foreign students who will come for an internship and about foreign experts who will come as part of Erasmus+ must be sent to the international office in advance by the department to which they are to come.

Contact: Dana Gronychová (

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions: Doctoral Networks

The Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST), the Bavarian Research Alliance (BAYFOR) and the Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency (BTHA) jointly invite researchers from Bavaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia to a workshop to present the MSCA Doctoral Networks programme, which aims to fund international networks to engage DSP students in research on advanced materials and artificial intelligence and sustainability. The workshop will take place in Regensburg on March 22 and 23, 2023. More information can be found in the programme.

Germany, BTHA – summer schools and language courses in Bavaria

The Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency (BTHA) offers scholarships for summer schools and language courses in Bavaria. Students, PhD students, teachers and researchers from public universities in the Czech Republic can apply directly via the BTHA website. Further information can be found on the BTHA website. Application deadline: March 29, 2023.

Bilateral cooperation: Ukraine

Following the "Agreement between the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (MEYS) and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on cooperation in the field of education and science", which was signed in Prague on November 22, 2022, scholarships are provided to the Czech Republic to complete the entire university course in the bachelor, master's or doctoral study program at one of the Ukrainian universities. Application instructions can be found in the offer details. Applications are accepted by the MEYS. Application deadline: March 15, 2023.

Bilateral cooperation: summer courses China

The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China is offering a two- to four-week summer course in Chinese for university teachers in 2023. Teachers from Charles University (1 place), Masaryk University (1 place) and Palacký University in Olomouc (2 places) can apply for the scholarship.

Applications are accepted by the international departments of the rectorates of the respective universities. The deadline for universities to submit applications to the MEYS is March 31, 2023. Details of the offer can be found in the AIA Scholarship Finder (in Czech).

Research internships: Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics

The Von Karman Institute of Fluid Dynamics (VKI), a world-leading research facility in the field of fluid mechanics based in Belgium, opens several teaching and research programs (weekly specialized lectures, short training program, Research master and Ph.D. program) for engineering and science students. Those who apply by April 1, 2023 have a better chance of receiving a scholarship, as the VKI pays the funds for the academic year from October to June.

Scholarships for Czech language assistants at schools in Saxony (Germany)

The Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) in cooperation with the Saxon Ministry of Cult offers scholarships for Czech language teaching assistants in schools in Saxony. The offer is intended for students who have successfully completed at least the fourth semester of their studies at a university in the Czech Republic, usually in the fields of German studies or German language teaching. The stays last from the beginning of September 2023 until the end of May 2024. More information can be found in the offer details. Applications should be sent by email by March 31, 2023 to

Scholarships for Czech language assistants at schools in Bavaria (Germany)

The Free State of Bavaria is announcing a selection process for the positions of Czech language teaching assistants in schools in Bavaria. The offer is intended for students under 29 years of age with min. a successfully completed fourth semester of study at a university in the Czech Republic, usually in the fields of German studies or German language teaching. The stays last from the beginning of September 2023 to the end of February 2024 or from March to the end of July 2024. More information can be found in the offer details. Applications should be sent by email by April 30, 2023 to

AMEXCID (Mexico): scholarship stays for medical fields

The Mexican government organization AMEXCID offers scholarships for:

  • stays of up to 24 months for medical fields
  • stays of up to 36 months for partial medical specializations

Detailed information about the scholarship offer can be found on the AMEXCID website and in their current 2023 brochure. Applications are submitted online via the SIGCA portal. An overview of the offer is published in the AIA Scholarship Finder (in Czech). Preference is given to applicants already residing in Mexico. Application deadline: March 30. Successful applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process between April 17 and 24, 2023.

Doctoral student program in Switzerland

At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, physicists and engineers study the fundamental structure of the universe. Whether you have already chosen a subject or are still deciding, if your specialisation is applied physics, engineering or computing, this is an invitation to deepen your knowledge in a truly unique organisation. You can find CERN's requirements and offer here.

You can upload a reference letter yourself when you apply or through your officer using the link you will receive shortly after applying. Your application, together with all supporting documents, should reach us no later than March 27 (noon: 12:00 CEST). Please note that your application may also be shared with the CERN Expert Panel for evaluation purposes during the process. During this period you may be contacted for a telephone/video interview or for further information. The outcome of the selection process will be known by June 30.

Technical Studies – IT, Mathematics and Robotics 2023-2

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is an international particle physics organisation based in Geneva.

If you are a student looking for hands-on training in areas related to information technology, mathematics or robotics, you will have the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of technology, contribute and expand your knowledge in areas such as web applications, virtualized infrastructure development, distributed computing, databases, software development or system administration using the most common programming and scripting languages.

To complete your application, you will need the following documents in English or French, clearly marked and in PDF format. Your application, together with all supporting documents, should reach us by Monday, March 27, 2023 (noon: 12:00 CET). More information here.

Technical Studies – Applied physics 2023-2

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is an international particle physics organisation based in Geneva.

If you are a student looking to complete practical training in areas related to applied physics, you will have the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of technology, contributing and expanding your knowledge in disciplines as diverse as particle detector physics and its applications, analysis and simulation, data processing, radiation studies, beam instrumentation, optics, lasers, cryogenics, vacuum or thermodynamics. Your application, together with all supporting documents, should reach us by Monday, March 27, 2023 (noon: 12:00 CET). More information here.

Academic Senate

At its last meeting, the Academic Senate of the UP Faculty of Science announced the elections of the members of this self-governing body of the faculty for the period from September 16, 2023 to September 16, 2026. The election dates were set for April 26, 2023 (Envelopa) and April 27, 2023 (Holice).

Nominations for Academic Senate candidates can be submitted starting March 8, the deadline for submissions has been set for March 22. The candidate list will be published on March 24.

The regular meeting of the Academic Senate FS UP will take place on April 19, 2023 at 13:00 in the meeting room of the Dean's Office. Detailed information and materials as well as the link to the stream will be available on the senate website (in Czech).

Study Affairs

Foreign prospective students

The English faculty website for prospective student has been updated. If you have a prospective PhD student in English who has already agreed on a topic with the department, you can refer him/her to this website for further information on the application process.

Foreign PhD students

The foreign doctoral students agenda is now completely in charge of Mrs. Waleria Słowiková ( from the international section of the Study Affairs Office. Other English study programmes (Bachelor and Master) as well as foreign internships and mobilities (i.a. within the Erasmus+) fall within the competence of Mrs. Dana Gronychová (

State doctoral examination and dissertation defense

When submitting your dissertation or application for the state doctoral examination, adhere to the requirements and deadlines listed on the website in the section for Doctoral Study. Keep in mind that it needs to be done at least 3 months in advance.

Plans of study for academic year 2022/2023

The lists of courses (plans of study) for the academic year 2022/2023 can be found on the faculty websites.

Online confirmation of study

You can print your confirmation of study online directly from your Portal.

Ombudsman FS UP

The Ombudsman of the UP Faculty of Science is the defender of the rights of university students in the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programmes of this faculty. The Ombudsman’s (student rights defender) competence includes protecting students enrolled at the UP Faculty of Science from such actions by bodies of FS UP, academic staff working at FS UP, other employees associated with FS UP, as well as actions of students who violate the Act on universities or other generally binding legal regulations, internal regulations or other provisions of UP or FS UP, ethical principles embedded in the relevant UP code, mission of the University or principles embedded in the preamble of the UP Constitution, as well as before inaction of UP bodies. More information and contact can be found here.

FB FS UP jobs

For students and graduates, the faculty has launched a new Facebook page in Czech with job offers called “PřF UP jobs”. On this platform, the faculty provides job opportunities in the fields of mathematics, computer science, physics, optometry, biology, ecology and the environment, chemistry and earth sciences, as well as part-time jobs, internships, trainee programs or volunteering opportunities suitable for university students.

8th call of the UP Endowment Fund

Are you studying at Palacký University and have your own vision? Do you want to try leading your own scientific or artistic project? Or improve your presentation skills? There is nothing easier: apply to the 8th call of the UP Endowment Fund (UP EF) from February 13 to March 31, 2023 and ask for support! Details in the article.

Organization and Maintenance

Parking system of the building 17. listopadu 12 – Envelopa

  • All employees with access to underground garages should always state the licence plate number of all vehicles they use for parking. If the employee uses an access card but does not have the car's license plate number registered in the system, the vehicle counting on the board at the garage entrance will not be functional.

Please follow these rules:

  • For entry/exit it is necessary to approach the garage gate slowly (ideally 10 km/h and through the middle).
  • It is necessary to follow the Rules of Operation of the underground parking garage of the Faculty of Science PrF-B-18/10

Parking area at the Public Prosecutor's Office

  • Use an employee card for entry/exit.
  • Access will be set only for employees of SLO, VLD and Envelopa buildings (employees with access to underground garages).


Ball of the UP Faculty of Science

Don't miss the Ball of the UP Faculty of Science and enjoy special moments with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. The Ball will take place on Saturday, March 25, 2023 from 7:00 p.m. for the first time in the faculty premises. The opening ceremony of the Ball is scheduled for 8 p.m. (the building will be open from 7 p.m.).

Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday March 8. For details, please, follow the official website of the Faculty Ball (in Czech). The programme of the Ball will be continuously updated.

Employee survey

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (in Czech: MPSV) in cooperation with Palacký University is surveying the opinions and wishes of employees regarding working conditions and work culture. The questions focus on work flexibility, the atmosphere in the team, career progression, or the degree of cooperation with parents of even very young children. The data collected can show your employer what to focus on and what changes should be made to the working environment. Your answers are protected against misuse; no other unauthorised persons have access to them.

The survey can be found at this link between March 6 and 26, 2023.

Roll Up Your Sleeves!

Join the third year of the competition of Palacký University Olomouc faculties in free blood donation, or Roll Up Your Sleeves! You can donate blood or blood plasma in any donation point, throughout the Czech Republic until 21 April 2023 in order to support a good cause and the competitive spirit among UP faculties. The competition will measure the total volume of blood donated by students and employees of each individual faculty, and the percentage of donors among students. Joining the competition couldn’t be easier: just check out the website


The next faculty Newsletter will be published on Monday, March 20, 2023.

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